Soros to be charged with assisting in the murder of Jewish Hungarians during World War 2

Prosecutors in Hungary have made public their intention to accuse the billionaire philanthropist and banker George Soros of aiding and abetting the murder of Jewish Hungarians in Budapest during the Holocaust. The announcement was made by the Hungarian authorities. According to a source at the prosecutor’s office in Budapest, Hungary, the allegations state that between…

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Private Investment in Private Enterprise

Private Investment in Private Enterprise: Why It Outperforms the Public Stock Market

Private investment in private enterprise is often viewed as a superior investment opportunity compared to the public stock market. While the stock market offers investors the ability to invest in large, established companies, private investment offers unique opportunities for growth and high returns. In this article, we will explore why private investment in private enterprise…

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How can Canada work towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples?

Canada has a long and complex history with Indigenous peoples. From the brutal colonization and residential school system to ongoing systemic racism and discrimination, Indigenous peoples have been subjected to immense pain and trauma for generations. Reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and the Canadian government is an essential step towards healing and progress. In this article,…

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