Chrystia Freeland Dodges Questions on Carbon Tax Revenue

In the lead-up to the April 1 carbon tax hike, Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, finds herself under scrutiny for evading inquiries regarding the Liberal government’s revenue from the carbon tax.

Refusal to Disclose Figures

During a recent parliamentary session, Conservative MP Marty Morantz sought a straightforward answer from Freeland: “How much has your government collected in carbon taxes?” However, Freeland, mirroring the evasion tactics of Prime Minister Trudeau, deflected the query, diverting attention to unrelated matters. Despite Morantz’s persistence, Freeland skillfully avoided providing concrete figures, opting instead to highlight initiatives like the $1,200 assistance for Manitoba families.

Continued Evasion

Morantz’s repeated attempts to elicit a direct response were met with further evasion from Freeland. Despite the simplicity of the question, she remained elusive, emphasizing the purported “revenue neutrality” of the carbon tax and asserting that the funds collected are returned to Canadians. However, this assertion contradicts the reality that not all revenue generated through the carbon tax finds its way back to citizens.

The Hidden Truth

Behind Freeland’s deliberate obfuscation lies the undisclosed truth: the actual amount of revenue amassed through the carbon tax. While Freeland and her government remain tight-lipped on the matter, the opposition, along with informed observers, recognizes the significance of this hidden figure.


As the April 1 carbon tax increase looms, the evasion tactics employed by Chrystia Freeland to avoid disclosing the true extent of revenue collected through the carbon tax raise concerns. Transparency and accountability are essencial pillars of governance, and the public’s right to know the precise figures regarding government revenue should not be disregarded. Freeland’s reluctance to provide clarity only serves to deepen skepticism and underscores the need for greater transparency in matters of fiscal policy.

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2 thoughts on “Chrystia Freeland Dodges Questions on Carbon Tax Revenue

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