A mini nuke for C-63

The arsenal of democracy :

A few tools in the arsenal of democracy can include a few simple things from the armoury, one of those things is freedom of speech, and now you will have a chance to know what a mini nuke for C-63 is and what it can do, you will also know a lot more, especially after a little background info, remember, lot’s of things are happening in the background, some of it covert and subliminal, some of it very public and in your face.

For instance, who is behind or promoting C-63 genocide weapon?


Who is Arif Virani? the Justice Minister? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arif_Virani

Interesting eh, notice anything? Amazing how a Justice Minister would not comment on the 80,000 or so pedophiles in Canada whose identity is a closely guarded secret. How many pedophiles are in all levels of government? Where is the Justice there, or anywhere? Eh. Let’s take up a collection, how about $10,000,000 to acquire the list…

Or perhaps you need to be enlightened with understanding, perspective and perception by someone with world class credentials and recognition such as : https://www.raymondibrahim.com/about/

Notice anything interesting? Eh?

Notice a pattern? Eh?

You may really like to know this perspective : (need to know)


Interesting comments, including, “The Canadian Human Rights Commission would acquire new powers to prosecute and punish non-criminal hate speech.” that would in fact be acting against the constitution, a Commission with supreme–national power, would also be against the BNA Act, would also be a USURPER, as the Minister of Justice would also be, in addition to other hate crimes and hate speech, in addition to being acts of aggression, acts of genocide and war, in addition to racist, in addition to a holy war against Christians…in addition to terrorism, which is the use of force or the threat of the use of force…

Certainly a Minister of Justice acting as a Minister of Injustice would represent incompetence and total disregard of existing law, total treason,  racist and terrorist actions by an enemy foreign and domestic, a real national security threat, as is already known in the Defence and Intelligence Community, right? Yes, not to worry, some people to have non-redacted files…and yes there may be compromised personnel in any government department, there are also patriots and nationalists, people with true values, family values and know what is anti white, anti Canadian, anti nation state sovereignty, they would if they know about battlegroup-301.ca or any other sensible endeavour.

Imagine someone representing Justice and actually engaged in Injustice and Terrorism…

How is that for audacity? An Indian national and a Muslim, great, how is that for non redacted? Public   knowledge that racist holy wars against Canadians is OK. Genociding the Canadian Armed Forces is OK by 2 Indian National extraction Ministers of Defence, Indictment anyone? Or simply another boring day at the office?  Treason, High Treason, terrorism, bio-terrorism, weaponized genocide illegal hate speech laws…

Yes, like we are supposed to love that, like an Attorney General, Minister of Injustice, that evidently has not realized that there are in fact real Generals alive and well…notwithstanding the genocide and bio-terrorism against them and the Canadian Armed Forces in addition to real Canadian Citizens, with bio-weapons from Pfizer and Moderna which is owned, controlled and voted by who? More enemies foreign and domestic, the goblin in the machine…

C-63 is a utilized for genocide & war vector scenarios :

It is essential to be able to identify an enemy, including enemy weapon systems and communication systems, their modus operandi including advanced persistent threats in both cyber domains and actual warfare and physical combat, and especially in the use of proxy warfare and asymmetrical war vector scenario, which can include elements of PsyOps, spiritual warfare, cultural genocide and history revisionism, and other tactics, such as a holy war …

It is also essential to recognize real national security threats, including any and all types of oppression, in this case, oppression, genocide and war against real Canadians, as in specifically, the founding people of Canada. To have honesty and integrity without redacting truth and facts, is also essential in the quest. These elements can be expanded upon in much great detail as noted  in the more classified and some public communication channels such as Battlegroup-301.ca


C-63 is oppressive and tyrannical, written by a terrorist and is an act of terrorism :

Some types of oppression, genocide and war vector scenario include the use of related acts of aggression, in this case weaponized law, illegal weaponized law, direct and proxy warfare by enemies foreign and domestic, including those who are very racist against real Canadians, in the classic anti white, anti nation state sovereignty crowd with the propensity to engage in actual hate speech and illegal hate speech legislation, and are themselves involved in hateful actions, including bitter, hostile, aggressive, vindictive and pre-emptive, you see they believe that they have all the bases covered, they are in fact anti Canadian anti nation state supremacists, destroyers of freedom, civilization and basic things like peace, order and good government.

They (the enemies foreign and domestic) certainly do not want freedom of speech, that ordinary citizens, real Canadians in particular would talk about reality, truth, facts, stories, or to be organized, aware or enable any resistance and only accept their total destruction. For them, anything we say is hate speech, it is a threat, simply being white is a threat, we are racists, white supremacists, nobody else on the planet can be racist or supremacists, white people are racists they will say a zillion times with the great beat down, they don’t feel safe. Take a look at Europe, it is out of control, in addition to the violence, terror, raping and plundering, it is only a matter of time when it is in your zone.

Certainly they (the enemies foreign and domestic) have no idea that they are not wanted here whatsoever, notwithstanding the corruption of the super imposed counterfeit government, supra-national entities and organizations that are totally unconstitutional and do not represent self government, freedom or democracy or freedom of speech. In addition to the obscene immigration, migration, invasion, student visa etc race replacement, which is evidenced in the governments policy and certainly the governing Liberal Party.

What you may like to consider is what they are afraid of is that as we talk, people become aware to the reality that is otherwise censored, edited or not talked about, including the abuse of the mainstream media that is owned, controlled, voted, edited and censored by enemies foreign and domestic.

Certainly they (enemies foreign and domestic) would not want us talking about :

The Milner Fabian Conspiracy or the Kalergi Plan or the Protocols of any type.



the Liberal Party white race genocide and race replacement agenda

anyone who watches Alex Jones, yikes ya, a white nationalist, white supremacist, racist patriot, traditional family heterosexual person, yes, take the country back, enemies foreign and domestic should be scared, even though it seems that a traitorous sociopath anti nationalist would not have guilt or a conscience, and that includes people in government, because of your treason, crime and genocide against Americans and Canadians, against the French, English, Germans, Italians, yes, kill whitey eh, your days are numbered. Yes, that is the run down, amazing.

Mass media mind control propaganda against freedom of speech, alternative news and viewpoints, opinions, truth, facts, reality…knowing the truth makes you a threat, you may do something about it, yes congratulations, you are now a national security asset…this is great news.

Terrorism is essentially the use of force or the threat of the use of force, and that is exactly what C-63 is including the people doing that, and actually are guilty of what they are proposing, as for irony of the day.

The mini nuke : Battlegroup 301 – the conscience and moral courage of National Security and Intelligence, which is useful for Defence, Intel, Law Enforcement and real Canadians.



In conclusion, real Canadians, aka whitey, the founding people of Canada do not need to live in fear with illegal hate speech laws, illegal laws, government terrorism, bio-terrorism, genocide and all forms of oppression and tyranny especially by enemies foreign and domestic, holy wars, governments masquerading as religions. Now you know after reading the previous to links, you will have an idea of what a real national security threat is and how to identify enemies foreign and domestic and that in fact the government has been severely compromised….which is not hate speech, and hate speech laws are illegal, since it is obvious that any government that totally disregards the rule of law, including the BNA Act, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and those enemies also, are in fact compromised and represent national security threats and should be dealt with accordingly, as almost anyone in National Defence, National Security, Intelligence and Law Enforcement would know, such as CAF, RCMP, CSIS, NSICOP, as they need to know and that has been communicated through battlegroup-301.ca – the battlegroup of one…and here at opinion-canada.ca

So now we have the challenge and opportunity to see how it works out, patriots v traitors, stand on guard for Canada, or lay down and die? pro life or genocide? peace, order and good government, or crime, genocide, treason, terrorism, bio-terrorism, immorality? Freedom of speech or being imprisoned because simply you are white?…what’s it going to be?

A government by real Canadians, nationalists and patriots, or super imposed counterfeit government by enemies foreign and domestic, nation state sovereignty or conquest by criminals, racists, globalists, internationalists and usurpers? Straight white nationalist people in government, or pedophiles and proxy pedophiles, perverts and traitors against us?

After all, this is only opinion right, from Canada’s real minister of national defence.

stay tuned for part 2 and let us know your comments, since now you are free and don’t live in fear, after all, you have a lot more now, you have the arsenal of democracy…and battlegroup-301.ca and dedicated Canadian Nationalists at work, and with your powerful freedom of choice, the ability to create alternate reality, a choice point in the time line, your life, your country, your freedom.


Comments: nuclear, explosive and incendiary comments and ordinary everyday comments are welcome, believe it not, and represent pro-active confidence and initiate which is respectable and appreciated, as in freedom of speech and freedom after speech, right on eh!

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One thought on “A mini nuke for C-63

  1. that’s interesting and a really relevant picture. here is something also, https://canucklaw.ca/anti-white-reviews/

    this is a much bigger problem than people know, hopefully moral courage can be pro-active and decisive in national defence, intel and law enforcement for the good guys

    you are not kidding when you talk about audacity of genocide and what and who is next on the list…unless someone actually does something about that, it is amazing how the government has been radicalized where treason, terrorism and genocide is a badge of honour, it’s mind boggling

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