Chris Wick

Is Resistance to LGBT Indoctrination in Canadian Schools Growing? Exploring Student Protests and Alternative Media

In a bold act of defiance, a group of students from Chêne-Bleu Secondary School in Pincourt, Quebec, recently took a stand against the perceived encroachment of the LGBT agenda within their educational institution. These young individuals cheered as one of their fellow students courageously tore down a rainbow “pride” flag, symbolizing their resistance to what…

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Canada’s Renewable Energy Revolution: Are Breakthroughs in Solar, Tidal, and Wind Power Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future?

In the vast expanse of Canada’s breathtaking landscapes, a new era of renewable energy is dawning, spearheading a revolution that promises a brighter and more sustainable future for the country and the world. With a spirit of innovation and a commitment to environmental stewardship, Canada has emerged as a global leader in pioneering breakthroughs in…

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Is Trudeau’s UN Agenda 2030 the Ultimate Savior or a Globalist Illusion?

In a stunning display of self-confidence, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicly celebrated Canada’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as a testament to the country’s capabilities. Speaking as the co-chair of the UN Secretary-General’s SDG Advocates group, Trudeau took pride in Canada’s contribution to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United…

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