Chris Wick

The Art of Boss-Man Care: Construction Edition

This article provides tips on how to nurture a positive relationship with your boss in the construction industry. It emphasizes the importance of effective communication, anticipating needs, having a flexible mindset, using humor, and showing reliability. Additionally, the article highlights the significance of coffee runs, giving praise and appreciation, and prioritizing safety. Mastering these aspects can lead to success in the construction business.

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Are 5G Towers Harming Children? Unveiling Health Impacts and Radiation Risks

New findings from a peer-reviewed study shed light on concerning health issues among children exposed to 5G wireless towers. Three children and their parents experienced neurological symptoms– chronic headaches, severe stomach pain, and insomnia– after staying at a summer home just 125 meters away from a mobile phone tower housing multiple 5G antennas. The Annals…

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