International Transgender Day of Visibility: Celebrating Transgender People and Raising Awareness of Discrimination

As protests against drag queen story hours in Canada intensify, some cities have imposed laws to prohibit these demonstrations. However, the Canadian federal government has continued to lend its support to events like the International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), which celebrates transgender people’s contributions to society and raises awareness of the discrimination they face…

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A family from Manitoba is suing AstraZeneca because their son, age 21, had a stroke after receiving the COVID vaccine

Two years after their previously healthy son suffered a stroke after receiving the COVID vaccine, a family in Canada has decided to sue the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. In a statement of claim that they submitted to the Manitoba Court of King’s Bench on March 16th, Marina and Perry Reimer of Steinbach, Manitoba alleged that their…

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Discover Ontario

Discover Ontario: Canada’s Hidden Gem

Canada is a wonderful country known for its breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders. When it comes to exploring nature, the province of Ontario is the place to be. From the stunning Niagara Falls, the provincial parks, and the beautiful lake districts, this hidden gem is a must-see for all nature lovers. In this article, we…

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