Saijan, Anand & Virani – genocide, treason, high treason, terrorism & bio-terrorism

Part 3 of the Mini nuke for illegal hate speech laws & other crimes;


We are going in to more detail with a National Defence, Security and Intelligence perspective:

Obviously the Indian National extraction etc et al, whether born here or not, are engaged is religious and race war, genocide, terrorism, bio-terrorism, bio-weapons, treason and high treason;

with the proposed weaponized law of illegal hate speech and trying to imprison people for zero crime with the proposed C-63, dedicated to protect people and criminals like them and others, because they may fear people who may do something because of the crimes they have committed against them or others, including the Canadian Armed Forces, government personnel and ordinary Canadians, this is concerning not actual crimes, however it is based on theoretical so called hate speech laws in the proposed C-63;

Terrorism a la carte with proposed illegal and unconstitutional hate speech laws that threaten people with life imprisonment for something they did not actually do, only because someone fears that they may do something!

And no, you are not entitled to know your accuser and no evidence of any actual crime is required! Amazing, in addition to being engaged in open warfare against actual real Canadian Law, such as the BNA Act ) British North America Act).

They, people like the foreign Indian National extraction (not the First Nations Indians) such as Saijan, Anand & Virani, are in fact a national security threat to Canada, are in fact enemies foreign and domestic, are in fact enemy combatants, are in fact engaged in war and genocide and terrorism, bio-terrorism against real Canadians who are the founding people of Canada, including the Canadian Armed Forces. Also you can add Jagmeet Singh to the list, an MP who is known as a terrorist and banned in about 17 or 18 countries, another national security threat to Canada.

More background stories to know:

Interesting eh, of course with C-63, a white person, all white people are racists, white supremacists, males who defend their family , wife, kids, country are labelled as toxic masculinity, anyone talking about what these people have done and are doing and propose to do, they certainly would love to be immune from prosecution, they could profile anyone, say anything and have them imprisoned for life, and not only those people, others also;

Look who is also in on the hate speech laws, they would not want anyone talking about the Israel genocide against Palestinians in Gaza for starters, or their control and ownership of bio-weapons facilities and such excellent genocide tools as provided by Pfizer and Moderna, as evidence of the problems people encounter for “holocaust denial” and yet we as Canadians are required to accept everyone’s lies, cultural genocide, propaganda, misinformation, lies, PsyOps, mass media mind control and social engineering and public opinion conditioning and people subject to allegiance to a foreign criminal agency and super imposed supra -national entities that are a threat to nation state sovereignty, in addition to bio-terrorism and genocide against the Canadian Armed Forces, government personnel and ordinary citizens.

Yes you could say something, obviously you need to be imprisoned for life…

Imagine someone experiencing fear about what could happen to them if someone found out they were traitors, engaged in treason, genocide, war, terrorism, bio-terrorism? Or if they killed someone they knew, or disease and injury for such things made possible by the genocide bio-weapon “vaccine” Amazing! Hmmm ya, what, do you have guilt complex that maybe something could happen, so you think you can be a national terrorist operation above all other government departments, with zero parliamentary oversight, unlimited power? Isn’t that interesting, total power, genocide anyone, kill anyone, imprison anyone with zero retaliation, zero justice, only total tyranny  and oppression.

Imagine a Minister of Justice, who is actually doing something that represents a Minister of Injustice, Tyranny and Oppression, Genocide, treason and War, great, an Attorney General totally unfit and disqualified for any public office, who has zero clue of actual law, another puppet for the goblin in the machine? Or someone with a fraudulent or non existent oath, a total traitor and genocide maniac terrorist at large.

What kind of poison? genocide, sickness, disease and death

With specifically the super imposed “vaccine” bio-weapon, aka Pfizer & Moderna, (zionist jew ownership, control & voting) supplied by enemies foreign and domestic, in addition to traitors in government engaged in genocide, both slow kill and fast kill, as well as toxic masks, totally bogus PCR tests, weaponized toxic nasal test swabs, forced jab aka death by lethal injection, mass media censorship, suppression of remedies, no actual virus isolated, labelling of trust as misinformation, PsyOp campaigns, supra-national illegal and unconstitutional foreign entities, mass media and social media ownership, voting, control, censor and editing of official narratives, propaganda mind control by isolation, fear and other tactics etc et al;

Allegiance to a foreign criminal agency, dual citizenship, fraudulent & non-existent oaths ?

It would be interesting to see how for instance these 3 people as a minimum, and then some, with the problematic religions against Christians, anti-Christ, anti white, anti Canadian, how their record and status in terms of allegiance, with the corresponding religious allegiance well known and documented in their so called holy books, doctrine and teachings, such as Islam Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and yes even the unmentionable goblin in the machine, which can certainly be expanded on to include others as we all know, who are not innocent in weaponized hate speech laws and interference with nation state sovereignty of various countries, the corruption of society and endless war against the family in addition to other PsyOps, actual war, proxy war and asymmetrical war vector scenarios, amazing.

Real allegiance V fraudulent, non-existent and invalid oaths:

Typically allegiance to the sovereign, in usual cases the Queen for citizenship is required, in addition to other oaths for acceptance of government office, such as being an MP or in the Privy Council, which appears to be totally non-existent, a breech of trust and public office, a fraudulent oath, of no validity, integrity or honour whatsoever, notwithstanding the “optics” or status such as the Right Honourable” who totally dishonour everyday citizens and do nothing honourable by actions that represent treason, genocide, war, terrorism, bio-terrorism, which are clearly defined, notwithstanding the degree of corruption in government by enemies foreign and domestic, including the super imposed “vaccine” bio-weapons deployment and genocide;

We don’t need or want genocide maniac terrorists here:

these criminal masterminds, including governments masquerading as religions, involved in doing nothing that represents Peace, Order and Good Government, are in fact enemy combatants, and are in fact not wanted or needed here in Canada and have been super imposed on Canadian society by traitors in the Canadian government and they have gotten away with murder, homicide, genocide, treason and high treason, terrorism and bio-terrorism and no more of the endless hate speech laws, as they would dearly love it if we could not talk about anything that happened or is happening or what to do about it, and they would reserve the unlimited Minister of Injustice, to exercise total tyranny and oppression of white Canadians, or anyone that does not like their official narrative, systemic anti white race and religious war.

It would be advisable to cease and desist all oppressive anti white actions, including any and all illegal hate speech laws that are also promoted by other religious &/or government regulations.

The kill whitey and genocide whitey and imprison whitey bullshit will end! Regardless of who is behind it. Yes, repetition is not necessarily the best form of emphasis, certainly there are things repeating.

To the Minister of Defence the Right Honourable Bill Blair::

how do you stack up to the Real Minister of Defence?

Any comments on the Defence Mission?

Any comments on, “The penalty of treason is death”?

Any comments about the “vaccine” bio-weapon bio-terrorism genocide against the Canadian Armed Forces, or government personnel?

Any comments on the proposed C-63, the illegal speech law terrorist agenda?

Any comments on the genocide maniac terrorists listed here? Eh?

What do you believe? What are you going to do about that? Eh?

Any comments on the PM and Deputy PM, treason, high treason, bio-terrorism, genocide? Or will you do what a real Minister of Defence can do? 

Any comments on the fact that anyone that votes for C-63 will be considered a national security threat, an enemy combatant, an enemy foreign and domestic, a terrorist, someone engaged in genocide including the destruction of real Justice and real Canadian legal law, or the continued use  of vaccine bio-weapons, or the profiteering from the so called pandemic, about the virus that was never isolated, with the super imposed genocide of the Canadian Armed Forces, any comment?

Any idea and comments how having a white Minister of Defence would actually protect, in accordance with the Defence Mission, white Canadians, that is real Canadians, the founding people of Canada from the genocide that is being done, the terrorism of illegal hate speech laws, and the bio-terrorism of the so called “vaccine” bio-weapon” in addition to other zero crime lifetime imprisonment?

Any comments about the communication systems of enemies foreign and domestic operating in Canada?

Any comments on the redacted national security statements such as those by CSIS, NSICOP etc et all concerning those implicated and guilty of various crimes, being protected, or those good government personnel who are told to stand down and go against the conscience and actual job description to be in accordance with criminal and treasonous elements in the Canadian Government, any comments?

surprise surprise to the Liberal Party and all other traitors…

Any comments from the Minister of Defence on the following?

Any comments on your future meeting with Canada’s Mystery Billionaire that knows more than a few things about National Defence & Intelligence? Who know how to identify the enemy and represents the heart and soul, the conscience of National Defence and National Security and Made in Canada?

Is there anything you would like to add or include and future news release, policy development, pro-active policy execution and a revitalized Defence Mission ?

This is not illegal hate speech law, it is actually a real national security threat bulletin:

Now you have real freedom of speech, what do you say? Live with freedom or live in fear? Patriots V Traitors, what are we going do now?

Time will tell, the future will be revealed, the Minister of Defence, Canada’s Real Minister of Defence?


the untold truth of the heart and soul and conscience, what are you going to do now?


comments welcome – for real

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