A Canadian government official has expressed regret about the mandatory use of vaccines

It seems that there has been a change of perspective on this issue. A member of the city council in West Nipissing, which is located in Ontario, has voiced regret about the decision to enforce covid vaccination mandates.

At the beginning of this year, Anne Tessier made the announcement that City Vaccination Policy No. 2022-18 will be repealed. She also expressed genuine apologies for the requirements that were in place. She said that the policy was responsible for a great deal of “unnecessary pain and anger within our employees and community.”

Tessier went on to say that, according to her beliefs, the regulation was erroneously implemented. She went on to clarify that the information that the Covid vaccination does not prevent the transmission of the virus is now widely known to the general population. The local council was well aware, prior to the adoption of this policy, that the transmission of the virus did not connect in any way with a person’s vaccination status.

According to Tessier, a constituent supplied the council with statistics from Public Health Ontario that demonstrated that by January 2022, more instances were recorded per capita among vaccinated persons compared to unvaccinated people. This information was submitted to the council.

Regrettably, the result of the voting led to the adoption of the policy. Tessier extended her apologies to people whose lives had been badly touched by the policy, and she expressed her hope that the town and the community could move ahead.

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One thought on “A Canadian government official has expressed regret about the mandatory use of vaccines

  1. Move ahead? Not so fast. I believe big reparations are in order! Back pay and damages. Can’t bring folks back to life who so unnecessarily DIED but $$$ for their families and $$$ for those who are injured by the shots and are living in pain and can’t work anymore.

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