Are Climate Change Claims Based on “96% Fraudulent Data”? Unveiling the Truth behind Wildfires and Global Warming

Who knew that a whopping 96% of climate data could be corrupted and lead to such a “hot” mess? It’s almost like some people have their thermometers placed next to a popcorn machine instead of in pristine fields. But hey, why bother with accurate data when you can just blame climate change for everything, right? So next time you hear the alarm bells ringing about a “climate emergency,” just remember, there’s a 96% chance it’s based on, well, nothing but hot air! Stay cool, folks! 😉

In a groundbreaking study conducted by veteran meteorologist Anthony Watts from the Heartland Institute, the panic-inducing claims of a “climate emergency” have been exposed as being based on “96% fraudulent data.” This comprehensive research delves into weather patterns and climate data from around the world, shedding light on the real facts behind wildfires and global warming. In this article, we will explore the study’s findings and reveal the shocking truth about climate change claims.

Lockdowns Around the World due to Climate Change

The Realities of Wildfires and Climate Change

Contrary to what mainstream media suggests, the recent wildfires across North America are not unprecedented, nor are they solely linked to climate change. Anthony Watts points out that in the 21st century, there have been fewer wildfires compared to previous times. The blame being placed on “climate change” for the smoke is unfounded, as the evidence shows that wildfires have become less frequent and severe as the planet experiences a modest warming trend.

Understanding the Decline in Wildfires

Peer-reviewed studies and verified satellite observations present irrefutable evidence that wildfires have become less frequent and less severe over the long, mid, and short terms as the Earth warms modestly. The cause behind this phenomenon is the measured increase in evaporation from the world’s oceans, leading to more widespread global precipitation. As a result, blaming the few remaining wildfires on climate change is illogical.

The Credibility of Climate Data

To discuss the “modest warming” of the planet, it is crucial to rely on solid data. However, Dr. Watts’ examination of weather stations across the country reveals a disconcerting fact. More than 90% of the data used to quantify slight changes in average temperatures is “corrupted.” The main reason behind this flaw is the improper installation and maintenance of the vast majority of thermometers that NOAA depends on.

The Shocking Truth: Corrupted Climate Stations

A new study titled “Corrupted Climate Stations: The Official U.S. Surface Temperature Record Remains Fatally Flawed,” published by The Heartland Institute unveils disturbing revelations. Approximately 96% of U.S. temperature stations fail to meet the “acceptable” and uncorrupted placement standards set by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

These weather stations suffer from localized effects of urbanization, positioned too close to asphalt, machinery, and other heat-generating objects. NOAA’s own published standards mandate thermometers to be placed in natural, pristine locations such as fields, forests, or hilltops to ensure accurate temperature readings. However, the study shows that over 90% of NOAA thermometers are improperly located, with 96% situated in areas like parking lots, buildings, and against brick walls.

Artificial Heat Trapping and Warming Bias

The artificial environments surrounding these thermometers, such as bricks, asphalt, and human-made construction materials, trap and retain heat, leading to a “warming bias” in the data collected. In contrast, thermometers placed in natural settings record lower average temperatures. It is essential to recognize that cities, parking lots, and highways are indeed warmer due to human activity and construction materials, not because of an overall global warming trend.

Disregard of Facts in Corporate Media

Regrettably, the corporate media often overlooks these crucial facts regarding the “climate crisis.” Data indicating that global temperatures are not drastically increasing is not lucrative for individuals like “climate czar” John Kerry and his associates, whose interests lie in promoting climate change narratives for their benefit.

In conclusion, Anthony Watts’ extensive study serves as a crucial reality check on the widely propagated “climate emergency.” The evidence presented debunks the alarmist claims surrounding wildfires and global warming. Moreover, the study raises serious concerns about the credibility of climate data, revealing the prevalence of corrupted weather stations. It is time to confront the misinformation and approach climate-related issues with accurate and unbiased data to make informed decisions for the betterment of our planet.

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