Are Forced COVID-19 ‘Vaccinations’ a Bioweapon? Pascal Najadi’s Urgent Plea for Justice

In a world where even conspiracy theories have conspiracy theories, Pascal Najadi’s quest for justice has us all wondering: are vaccines secretly alien mind-control devices? While we may not have all the answers, one thing’s for sure – Pascal Najadi is not taking the backseat in this wild rollercoaster ride of a pandemic. So, as we navigate the twists and turns of these perplexing times, just remember, even in the most bizarre tales, there might be a glimmer of truth. More on this below. Keep reading.

In a world gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pascal Najadi, the son of World Economic Forum co-founder Hussain Najadi, has raised his voice, demanding accountability and justice for the forced COVID-19 “vaccinations” that have affected 5.7 billion people across the globe. He passionately contends that these injections are more than just vaccines; they are, in his words, a bioweapon, leading to what he terms “democide.” This article explores Pascal Najadi’s impassioned plea for justice and the organizations in Geneva that he holds responsible for this crisis.

Understanding “Democide”

The term “democide” emerged a few decades ago, describing a chilling concept: government-initiated mass murder and the systematic extermination of civilian populations. This chilling reality unfolds through either direct action or indifference. Pascal Najadi has brought this concept to the forefront of our attention, accusing global organizations headquartered in Geneva of being responsible for the dire consequences of COVID-19 “vaccinations.”

The Role of Geneva-based Organizations

Najadi singles out Geneva as the epicenter of global organizations that have played pivotal roles in mandating the COVID-19 jab, an inoculation that has proven deadly to an estimated 50 million individuals worldwide and medically debilitating to tens of millions more. Among the organizations based in Geneva, three hold a prominent place in this narrative:

  1. The World Economic Forum (WEF)
  2. The World Health Organization (WHO)
  3. The Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization (GAVI)

Najadi emphasizes the World Economic Forum, an organization co-founded by his father, Hussain Najadi, who left it in disgust in the early 1980s. This organization enjoys diplomatic immunity from the Swiss government, but Pascal Najadi boldly asserts that it is no longer eligible for such privileges.

A Call for Accountability

Pascal Najadi, a Swiss citizen himself, passionately calls on the Swiss authorities and security to arrest the individuals responsible for advocating a global humanity injection through what he describes as a bioweapon. This injection involves injecting nano lipids into a staggering 5.7 billion people. He questions the morality of Switzerland hosting organizations that promote what he deems as poison to be injected into humanity.

Personal Tragedy

Najadi’s plea carries a deeply personal dimension. He reveals that he and his mother have suffered severe bodily harm due to the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly the Pfizer jab. As a result, he now grapples with a terminal autoimmune condition, with doctors predicting a significant reduction in his lifespan.

The Rising Toll

Najadi’s concern for the increasing number of victims is palpable. He points to rising turbo cancer cases in Europe and the heart-wrenching sight of children succumbing to the vaccine’s effects. He passionately declares that what is happening is unforgivable and describes it as “genocide of biblical dimensions.”

Accountability and Consequences

In his interviews and public statements, Najadi explicitly points fingers at notable figures and organizations. Dr. Fauci, the CDC, WHO, Pfizer, government officials, and media personnel involved in the vaccination campaign, in his view, will have to answer to a higher authority. He foresees a day when they will face challenging questions for their actions.

Najadi’s Legal Battles

Pascal Najadi’s quest for justice doesn’t stop at mere words. In March, he filed a civil lawsuit against Pfizer, Inc. in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, with the hope of putting an end to the manufacture and implementation of the COVID mRNA injection and its associated adverse effects. Furthermore, he filed criminal charges against Swiss President Alain Berset for abuse of public office concerning his role in the government’s push for the vaccine without informed consent.


Pascal Najadi’s relentless pursuit of accountability and justice serves as a stark reminder of the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. His plea resonates with individuals worldwide, raising questions about the motivations and consequences of mass vaccination campaigns. While the global community grapples with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, Pascal Najadi’s calls for justice and the spotlight he has cast on this issue urge us to consider the human cost and ethical implications of these vaccination efforts.

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2 thoughts on “Are Forced COVID-19 ‘Vaccinations’ a Bioweapon? Pascal Najadi’s Urgent Plea for Justice

  1. Yes that is interesting, however, many people including myself and people I know, already knew it was the vaccine and masks and tests that are bio-weapons, before the so call pandemic was declared. weird how his own family would not protect him from the genocide bio-weapon, amazing.

    the fact is Switzerland is not neutral, not only those organizations listed being engaged in bio-terrorism and genocide, Switzerland banks for criminals, dictators, oligarch and other sociopaths and psychopaths in addition to the goblins, which hardly makes them neutral. they think being protected in miles of mountains will save them, surprise surprise, all that bullshit zog crap will end, weird how they seem to be the only one’s doing that, otherwise these evil entities and evil people would not be so brave would they? All the more reason not to hide in bunkers and dumbs, the cosmic joker will get them don’t you worry…

  2. Jagmeet Singh is a homo sexual, as is Justin Trudeau. I should say Bisexual, as both have children with their “skirts.” They are both part of the globalist elite who are corrupt and criminal. Ask them to produce a blood sample, both men have taken adrenochrome.

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