Are Unvaccinated Canadians Left to Rot? Organ Transplants Tagged “Vaccine-Only”

Well, it seems like we’ve stumbled upon the latest chapter in the never-ending drama of “Vaccine-Only Organ Transplants.” Who knew that your eligibility for life-saving medical treatment could be determined by a little vaccine sticker on your health passport? Forget about medical history, compatibility, or even basic human compassion – it’s all about those magic doses now! Who needs a fair and inclusive healthcare system when we can make life-or-death decisions based on your choice of a needle? Here’s to hoping the Canadian healthcare system finds its moral compass – or at least a sense of humor – before more people get “jabbed” with this absurdity!

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Canadian health officials made a request to an Ontario woman to donate the organs of her deceased husband, who was denied an organ transplant due to his unvaccinated status. The incident, which occurred in May, highlights the contentious issue of organ transplants for unvaccinated individuals in Canada. This article delves into the heart-wrenching story of Meghan Harper and her husband Garnet, shedding light on the challenges faced by unvaccinated Canadians seeking life-saving medical care.

The Organ Donation Dilemma

Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN), the organ donation agency in Ontario, contacted Meghan Harper during the final moments of her husband Garnet’s life. The hospital had refused to provide organ transplants to unvaccinated Canadians, leaving Meghan with a painful decision to make. She recounted the distressing experience of receiving the call while sitting beside her dying loved one, making her sick to her stomach.

The Unvaccinated Status and Organ Transplants

Garnet’s health challenges began in February 2022 when he was diagnosed with stage five kidney disease. Despite two of his brothers offering to donate their kidneys, the hospital declined their offer as Garnet chose not to disclose his vaccination status. Canada’s current public healthcare policy restricts organ transplants to individuals who have received at least two doses of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

A Tragic End

On May 22, 2023, Garnet, aged only 35, tragically passed away from a bleeding stroke while sleeping, leaving behind his devastated wife and five children. The denial of a life-saving transplant based on his vaccination status has sparked outrage and debate across the nation.

Another Victim of Discrimination

Sheila Annette Lewis, an Alberta resident, also faced a similar plight. She was denied an organ transplant due to her refusal to take the COVID-19 shots. However, Sheila was eventually approved for the procedure at a hospital in the United States, albeit with the burden of bearing the medical expenses herself.

Rallying for Change

In response to Garnet’s death and the treatment of unvaccinated individuals seeking medical care, Canadian freedom fighters are advocating for change. They are urging citizens to refrain from donating organs until equitable treatment is extended to all, regardless of vaccination status.

Pastor Hildebrand’s Call to Action

Pro-freedom Christian pastor Henry Hildebrand has passionately appealed to Canadians to stand against the current medical system’s discriminatory practices. He advocates for putting organ donation on hold until the government addresses the issue and ensures equal access to medical care for all citizens.

Voices of Dissent

Former Ontario MPP Randy Hillier has openly criticized the Canadian medical system, accusing the government of engaging in “social murder.” He laments that people fear speaking out about these injustices, even as they witness tragic outcomes for the unvaccinated.

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