Becoming a FREE Thinker: Is Rationality Just a Buzzkill?

In a world overrun by conformity and suffocating societal norms, it’s time to break free and embrace the unparalleled liberation of becoming a FREE thinker. Bid farewell to the shackles of reason, logic, and common sense, for it is in the realm of chaotic thoughts and unbridled imagination that true enlightenment lies. In this satirical guide, we will explore the exhilarating journey of transcending the mundane and becoming a FREE thinker, because why should rationality have all the fun?

  1. Rejecting Conventional Wisdom: Embrace the Absurd

To embark on the path of a FREE thinker, one must learn to turn their back on the tiresome crutch of conventional wisdom. Embrace the absurd, relish in contradictions, and bask in the glory of illogical reasoning. Remember, in the realm of FREE thinking, coherence is overrated, and nonsensical ramblings become poetic masterpieces.

  1. Embracing Incoherence: The Art of Spewing Randomness

The essence of being a FREE thinker lies in the ability to spew random thoughts without any regard for coherence or relevance. Don’t be confined by the constraints of logical progression; let your mind wander aimlessly through the labyrinth of thoughts. Jump from one topic to another with no rhyme or reason, and witness the bewildered expressions of those around you as they struggle to make sense of your profound wisdom.

  1. Disregarding Evidence: The Joy of Blind Faith

Who needs evidence when you have blind faith? As a FREE thinker, it is your duty to ignore empirical data, scientific facts, and well-established theories. Instead, embrace your inner mystic and let unfounded beliefs guide your every decision. Remember, evidence is just a pesky inconvenience that threatens to shatter the fragile bubble of your ignorance.

  1. Unleashing Creativity: Nurturing Delusions

To truly become a FREE thinker, it is essential to nurture a vibrant garden of delusions. Immerse yourself in your own world of make-believe, where facts are malleable and reality is subjective. Allow your imagination to run wild, constructing intricate tales and alternate dimensions where unicorns roam freely and gravity is merely a suggestion.

  1. Revolutionizing Communication: Mastering Nonsense

Communication, as we know it, is far too mundane for a FREE thinker. Instead, master the art of speaking in riddles, cryptic metaphors, and nonsensical gibberish. Leave your audience bewildered and questioning their own sanity. After all, what good is language if it doesn’t bewilder, confound, and perplex?


As we conclude this satirical journey into the world of FREE thinking, remember that becoming a FREE thinker is not for the faint of heart. It requires courage, a complete disregard for rationality, and a willingness to be labeled as eccentric or insane. But fear not, for in the realm of the FREE thinker, sanity is overrated. So, go forth, embrace the chaos, and let your mind soar to new heights of absurdity. After all, who needs logic when you can have the unfathomable ecstasy of becoming a FREE thinker?

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