Canadian government ordered the police to arrest pedophile hunters

After years of state cover-ups, child sex rings have been revealed in recent years, and citizen organizations are now tackling the gradually spreading plague of pedophilia head-on. However, Canadian police have been given the instruction to arrest members of pedophile hunting organizations, even while the predators that these groups have exposed are still at large in the country.

Pedophile hunter organizations that operate in Canada and numerous other countries assume the identity of minors on websites frequented by children in order to lure them into their traps by pretending to be one of them. After they have succeeded in luring a pedophile into taking an interest in the “child,” they continue to play along until the pervert arranges a meeting with them. After that, they face the pedophile while holding a video camera and hand over the evidence to the authorities, which ultimately results in numerous convictions.

On the other hand, the Canadian police have been given the directive to put an end to these groups, and officers have been given the instruction to arrest the people who are pursuing pedophiles. According to the reports, the basis for the decisions made by the authorities is that pedophile hunters do not protect the victims’ right to privacy and engage in harassing behavior against the pedophiles. The idea that the only “victims” are the revealed pedophiles is based on a double standard and cannot be supported.

A recent investigation into a group that had received complaints from pedophiles resulted in the arrest of six people suspected of working with pedophile-hunting organizations. Despite this, the authorities did not make any arrests of the pedophiles who were revealed by the hunters. According to statements made by police in Quebec, individuals posing as pedophile hunters would videotape their encounters with pedophiles after initially making contact with them online and then share the footage on social networking sites.

Sometimes, in order to attract the pedophiles, the gang would utilize sexually graphic photographs that had been doctored to make it appear as though the individuals were minors. However, under Canadian law, the distribution of such pictures is regarded to be the act of child pornography, even if the subjects of the photos are not actual children. This resulted in the arrest of the pedophile hunters, which in turn raised worries among the families and parents of Canada over who will safeguard them if the police refuse to apprehend pedophiles.

For over a decade, the police in Quebec have been appealing to vigilante organizations to put an end to their “hunts,” but to no effect. In January, after getting many complaints, the police published a statement advising people against engaging themselves with “cyber predator hunters” in the region. The statement also stated that no one can take justice into their own hands, even if they are the victim of a crime. This warning was made in response to the fact that the police had received multiple complaints.

In conclusion, despite the fact that pedophile hunter groups may not always comply with the law, the efforts they have taken in exposing pedophiles have resulted in a significant number of convictions that otherwise could not have been brought to light. To guarantee that pedophiles are brought to justice and that youngsters are kept safe, it is imperative that the authorities in Canada find a way to collaborate with rather than compete with these organizations.

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