Canadian School’s Graphic Sex Ed Materials Expose Children to Pornographic Content, Parents Outraged

A recent social media post by a concerned parent exposed how the Virden Collegiate Institute in Manitoba, Canada, may be grooming children.

Janine Stephanie Penner, mother of a grade 10 student, took to Facebook on Feb. 19 to say that her son received a condom demonstration tool– a wooden phallus– as well as condoms and a graphic flipbook titled “Who’s Got The Condom?” as part of the school’s sex education curriculum.

She shared that her tenth-grade son was provided with a graphic flip book featuring gay pornographic content at school to teach him how to use condoms. Along with the book, he also received 15 condoms and a wooden penis for practice.

The flip book was created in partnership with a prominent HIV charity, a youth organization, and a group that supports two-spirited individuals from Canadian First Nations. It depicts two men, one a young teenager and the other an older, larger man, engaging in intimate activities.

CATIE, the HIV charity involved in the book’s creation, characterized it as featuring graphic illustrations of condom use between two males. However, Doug Mainwaring, writing for Life Site News, expresses a different interpretation, suggesting that the depictions do not represent two adult men, but rather a man and a teenage boy, which he believes implies sexual activity between an adult and a minor, specifically male homosexual pederasty.

Graphic book not about sex education but pornography

According to the photos shared on Facebook, the elderly gentleman is shown wearing a condom, with the younger man participating in sexual activity with him. Despite being intended as a book about condoms, pages 2 to 51 do not contain any text or guidance. Instead, they feature a collection of illustrations depicting sexual interactions between the two individuals. Ultimately, the book includes an animated segment illustrating the two men engaging in intercourse when the pages are rapidly flipped.

Moreover, Penner claimed that instead of receiving a flip book with a bit over 50 pages, her son got a longer version with about “120 pages of these explicit images.” Penner also claimed that her older son, who attends the same school, only received condoms last year.

“It’s blatant and brazen,” said Penner. “They’re taking away our children’s innocence and manipulating their minds. We must stand up against this and make our voices heard. This is what deserves our protest.”

The post quickly gained attention from parents in the community and exposed other grooming practices in schools.

One parent expressed worry about whether this could be considered conditioning. Another parent, whose daughter goes to the school as well, verified that the materials were provided outside the school office. It was said that a public health nurse had brought them in.

One parent expressed their concerns by stating that they would have a serious conversation with the teacher, principal, and school trustee. They mentioned that they have already removed their children from the school system due to disagreements about the suitability of the content being taught, which they find inappropriate for their children.

Parents from other regions, including one from Ontario, have also come forward, claiming that their children received similar educational materials.

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