Canadian Woman Suffers Severe Physical Damage After Employer Forces COVID-19 Vaccines

A Canadian lady who is a mother and wife has been struggling with serious injuries ever since her company forced her to take an experimental COVID-19 injection. Her employer compelled her into taking the vaccines against her will.

On the website Symptosi, which allows users to discuss their feelings and reactions after receiving vaccinations, Claudia’s tale was published. Although the website does not claim that all physical problems are directly caused by injections, it is an example of the enormous number of significant and long-term health concerns that occur after vaccination and may not be mere coincidences. The website also does not claim that all physical problems are directly caused by the shots.

According to a post that was posted in December, Claudia was a “wife, mother of three, and the sole financial provider to her family.” She worked for a federal contractor during the time that her husband was at home taking care of their children. Claudia presented two exemption papers in response to the government’s obligation that she receives the vaccinations, one of which was a religious exemption from her archbishop. The second letter came from a physician who had performed a blood test on the patient and concluded that she already possessed a natural immunity to the coronavirus “and that receiving the inoculation would be detrimental to her health.”

Nevertheless, her employer did not acknowledge or accept the exemption letters that she provided. Before receiving her first injection, Claudia drank some holy water and wept as she prepared for the procedure. She also had tears in her eyes as she received the shot. When Claudia got back to her house after receiving the vaccination, she noticed that she had pain in her chest. After one week had passed, the woman decided to look for answers, but none of the tests she had done revealed any issues with her heart. After that, she started having chest pains, persistent dizziness, and pressure in her head. These symptoms were followed by paresthesia in her left leg. All of these symptoms occurred simultaneously.

Claudia’s dizziness began to improve two months after she had the first dosage of the medication; nonetheless, she was informed that she needed to have the second injection or risk losing her work. While Claudia was having her second injection, she begged the woman who was giving her the injections to pray with her. According to the narrative, they prayed together using the phrase “Our Father.”

The narrative proceeded to describe in further detail the significant neurological difficulties that Claudia had by December 2021. A list of her symptoms included nerve aches inside her head, burning feelings in her temples, and burning sensations within her brain. Her ears, lymph nodes, eyes, and tongue also gave her burning sensations. Her extreme weariness made it exceedingly difficult for her to climb stairs, and it prevented her from exercising for more than a block at a time when she did walk.

On several occasions, Claudia was unable to make the trek from the parking lot to the office of her place of employment. She would seek solace in the privacy of an empty office or restroom at her place of employment in order to cry. She was able to obtain ivermectin in March of last year, which made a tremendous difference in the amount of agony and burning that she was experiencing. She had, by some stroke of good fortune, been spared the excruciating pain that she had been enduring before receiving this therapy. Despite this, she continues to suffer from neurological symptoms and regular flare-ups of her condition.

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