Chris Sky Saccoccia Answers the Main Stream Media

Who is Chris Sky?

Chris Sky is a well-known figure in Canada, who has gained notoriety for his controversial views and actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been a vocal opponent of government restrictions and mandates, claiming that they infringe on individual rights and freedoms. Sky has been involved in several anti-mask and anti-vaccine protests across the country and has been arrested numerous times for violating COVID-19 protocols.


Chris Sky’s Political Ambitions

Chris Sky has recently announced that he is running for Mayor of Toronto in the upcoming municipal elections. His decision to enter the political arena has come as a surprise to many, given his lack of political experience and the controversial nature of his views. Sky has stated that his campaign will focus on issues such as freedom, democracy, and individual rights.

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One thought on “Chris Sky Saccoccia Answers the Main Stream Media

  1. May God Bless you and keep Chris safe during these time. He may direct but he does speak for the people. We need more like him to end this corruption.

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