Expanded Consciousness: Breaking Free from the Mind’s Grip

Observe the intricate dance between humanity’s destruction and liberation. Recognize their intertwined nature and ponder how your actions will shape our collective destiny.

No one is coming to rescue us. If individuals fail to act, we all fall prey to collective enslavement.

To overcome this era of darkness, humanity needs a paradigm shift—a shift that occurs when enough people break through their fears.

Consider, for instance, the ongoing vaccination campaign. The more governments and colluding media forcefully push the gene-based solution, the more we witness its adverse effects on morbidity and mortality. This prompts more individuals to question its safety and effectiveness.

In turn, a growing number of people come to understand the banality of evil—the idea that immoral principles become normalized over time when unthinking individuals perpetuate them. If these unthinking individuals regain their capacity to think critically, truth and illumination can seep back into their lives.

Can you see the intricate connection?

The sociopaths orchestrating the bio-surveillance technocratic state, in their hubris and relentless pursuit, inadvertently awaken a natural inclination in people to question, resist, and ultimately take action.

Recognize that progress is underway, even if it seems agonizingly slow. It is evident in the realities experienced by each and every one of us.

Different narratives are amplified depending on one’s location in the world. These narratives, though based on a generic template, are tailored to suit specific nations when the opportune moment arises. Their rollout is adjusted based on a nation’s values, principles, educational system, perception of authority, and inherent fear levels.

Let’s take Thailand as an example of a unique case. The public educational system here places little emphasis on promoting critical thinking. Students in public schools are predominantly subjected to dictated lesson plans, lacking interactive engagement. Grassroots obedience to authority figures is ingrained in their minds from a young age.

However, there are many bright young Thais who are free thinkers and strive to make a difference. May their voices grow louder.

Thailand has yet to face the same degree of pressure regarding other intersecting agendas such as gender ideology affirmation, climate alarmism, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which are being pushed more forcefully elsewhere. While these agendas subtly infiltrate public consciousness, they have not yet become tools of fear.

The Covid narrative remains dominant and far from exhausted in Thailand. The government advises people to isolate again upon testing positive for the latest so-called variant, and the trusting public willingly complies, wearing masks around the clock and continuously seeking boosters.

Thailand may reach its breaking point before a collective realization of the truth takes hold, and a willingness to take action emerges, instead of languishing in apathy and submission.

In contrast, in the Western world, people have grown weary of the fabricated pandemic storyline. The narrative has shifted towards proxy wars, climate change hysteria, the transgender movement, censorship, and exaggerated claims of domestic terrorism.

The same emotional intelligence that freed people’s minds from the grip of the pandemic deception has been successfully manipulated once again through mass media messaging, leading them to fall for the next engineered crisis. This fosters a state of mass psychosis.

Based on casual observations of people’s perceptions in the United Kingdom, my home country, it appears that we may be pushed to the brink before enough resistance arises to make a difference.

A critical mass of free thinkers may not emerge until more individuals find themselves confined to their “15-minute cities,” relying on their “Bitcoin” wallets with programmed expiring money, bombarded with national emergency alerts imposing new movement restrictions and relentless propagandized fabrications.

Only then might the masses realize that their endless virtue signaling and agreeable nature no longer serve their best interests. Hopefully, the people of Britain awaken to this realization sooner rather than later, minimizing their suffering and pain.

Each person’s journey unfolds in their own time and place. Everyone learns the true nature of our media-dominated reality at a different pace.

Undoubtedly, we will continue witnessing democidal atrocities, false flag events, and increasingly sophisticated behavioral manipulation techniques unleashed upon us.

Perhaps we must endure these trials before humanity collectively adapts and evolves to see things as they truly are. Only then will more individuals value freedom over false notions of safety, embrace love instead of hate, seek unity over polarization, and desire sovereignty rather than servitude.

Most people resist changing their behavior until the discomfort of staying the same outweighs the discomfort of change. The allure of herd mentality and the desire to fit in prevent them from embracing adversity.

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