God’s Chosen People

Surprise! DNA tests have conclusively demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of those traditionally considered “God’s chosen people” do not have ancestral ties to Israel. Instead, their genetic heritage is predominantly European.

It’s quite ironic to see another “conspiracy theory” validated as a proven fact.

This discovery sheds light on the unique ethnic composition of Israelis in the Middle East. Unlike their neighbors, who exhibit various shades of brown skin, Israelis, primarily of European descent, stand out as an exception.

This revelation challenges the historical narrative that they originated from the region and raises questions about their claims to the land, which have fueled longstanding conflicts.

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One thought on “God’s Chosen People

  1. Yes, since opinions are important, actually Satan’s chosen people. It is possible that they are goblins masquerading as human, in terms of space history, their home planet was obliterated, now known as the asteroid belt, that is why they need a country of their own, a planet of their own, they have not learned anything, they are incorrigible and practice the opposite of what is in the bible.

    Many so called christian churches are also deceived not knowing the modern state of Israel and the real Israel of the bible and have been totally deceived about that including ordinary pastors and mega church tele-evangelists with the corruption by the Schofield bible commentary and unable to discern zionist, general zog and the corruption and perversion of government and most other aspects of society, in addition to being totally deceived about the war in Ukraine and the Modern state of Israel genocide against Palestine.

    Of course God can say, “Let there be light”

    God’s chosen people are more likely to be straight white nationalists, who have their faith and life dedicated to the Supreme Creator God and a superior moral code. In terms of the plan of salvation, many are called, few are chosen, as we admonished to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…God’s people are doers of the word, and those characteristics of spiritual empowerment enable character building, the holy spirit produces Godly characteristics, this is for a civilized advanced civilization, essentially to be transformed by the renewal of our mind on a spiritual level, a whole new level of awareness and capability.

    The founding ideals of Canada was Peace, Order and Good Government, not crime, treason, genocide, perversion, sickness, disease, debt, death, bio-weapons, wars, environmental destruction, endless lies and general zog.

    You may have heard of Kal-El, one day you will know of Micha-El and your perspective will never be the same.

    Michael made war with the dragon…and in the days of identity fraud and revised history, it is more important than ever to know where you stand and how to identify the enemy and how he operations and have the whole armour of God…

    luckily the universe is a really big place, and we are not running it, neither are the goblins.

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