Google Threatens to Remove Canadian News Links Due to New Legislation

In a recent press release, Google expressed its concerns over the newly enacted law, Bill C-18 (the Online News Act), introduced by the Government of Canada. The legislation requires certain companies to pay for displaying links to news content. Google argues that this decision to implement a “link tax” not only undermines the free flow of information but also poses significant challenges to their products and exposes them to potential financial liabilities. This article delves into Google’s response to the new law and its potential implications for the availability of Canadian news on Google’s platforms.

Google’s Stance on Bill C-18: According to Google, the imposition of a fee for displaying news links, something that has traditionally been done for free, introduces uncertainty and potential financial burdens for the company. The search giant asserts that the law’s approach to supporting journalism in Canada is flawed and may result in substantial changes to its services. Google has conveyed its concerns to the Government of Canada, stating that when the law takes effect, it will be compelled to remove links to Canadian news from its Search, News, and Discover products within Canada.

Impact on Google News Showcase: In addition to the removal of news links, Google also highlighted the impact of Bill C-18 on its Google News Showcase product. The company claims that the legislation renders the continuation of the Google News Showcase product in Canada untenable. The Google News Showcase is a program that allows publishers to curate and present their content in an enhanced format, offering additional context and snippets to readers. If the law persists as currently implemented, Canadian users may no longer have access to this specialized feature.

Concerns for Access to Canadian News: Google’s decision to potentially remove news links and discontinue the Google News Showcase product raises concerns about the accessibility of Canadian news for Google users in Canada. The availability of diverse news sources is crucial for citizens to stay informed about local, national, and international events. With the removal of these features, Canadian users may face challenges in accessing news articles from Canadian publishers through Google’s platforms.

Conclusion: The enactment of Bill C-18 and the subsequent response from Google have created a contentious situation regarding the display of news links in Canada. Google’s expressed concerns about the law’s impact on their products, as well as the potential removal of Canadian news links and the discontinuation of Google News Showcase, have raised significant questions about the future of accessing Canadian news through Google’s platforms. The implications of this dispute between Google and the Canadian government are yet to be fully understood, and it remains to be seen whether there will be any reconsideration or amendments to the legislation in the future.

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