Is Canada’s Liberal Party the Party of Death? Exploring Controversial Pro-Abortion Video Amidst March for Life

In a controversial move, several Members of Parliament (MPs) from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party released a video on Thursday, expressing their unwavering support for abortion. The video, shared on Twitter by Liberal MP Jenna Sudds, features over a dozen Liberal Party members explaining their reasons for being pro-choice. The release of this video coincided with the annual March for Life event in Ottawa, where thousands of Canadians gathered to advocate for the rights of the unborn. The timing and content of the video have ignited a heated debate and drawn strong reactions from various quarters.

Liberal MPs Declare Their Support for Abortion

The video begins with MP Patty Hajdu asserting her support for abortion, stating that it “saves lives.” Other MPs, such as Joanne Thompson and Brenden Hanley, echo this sentiment, emphasizing that being pro-choice is essential to protect women’s lives and ensure reproductive health. The video also highlights the voices of MPs like Jenna Sudds, who believes that providing choice is essential for the well-being of daughters. However, throughout the video, the Liberal politicians repeatedly refer to their stance as “pro-choice” without delving into the details or realities of the abortion procedure itself.

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Controversial Statements and Clash of Faith

Several Liberal MPs, including Adam Van Koeverden, Ya’ara Saks, and Tim Louis, resort to well-known pro-abortion arguments, such as advocating for a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy or blurring the line between bodily autonomy and the life of an unborn baby. Shockingly, Brenda Shanahan, a Liberal MP, even invokes her Catholic identity as a reason for supporting abortion, despite the Catholic Church’s unequivocal condemnation of the practice. This has raised concerns and criticism from individuals like Jack Fonseca, the political operations director of Campaign Life Coalition, who believes that Shanahan’s statements contradict her professed faith.

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Criticism of the Liberal Party and Call for Conservative Response

Jack Fonseca strongly condemns the timing and nature of the video, labeling the Trudeau Liberals as the “party of death.” He accuses them of deliberately releasing the video on the day of the largest pro-life event in the country, implying a disregard for those who hold pro-life views. Fonseca believes that the Conservative Party, under the leadership of Pierre Poilievre, missed an opportunity to respond to the Liberal Party’s pro-abortion rhetoric. He argues that the Conservatives should have countered with their own video, exposing what he perceives as the Liberals’ extremism and insensitivity towards people of faith and those who value the sanctity of life.


The release of the video by Liberal MPs expressing their pro-choice stance amidst the March for Life has generated intense controversy and sparked a clash of ideologies. While some applaud the MPs’ commitment to women’s rights and reproductive health, others strongly criticize their disregard for the sanctity of life and the concerns of faith communities. The absence of a response from the Conservative Party has left some disappointed, as they believe it was a missed opportunity to challenge the Liberal Party’s position and rally support from those who hold pro-life beliefs. The debate surrounding abortion and the clash of opposing viewpoints continue to be contentious issues within Canadian politics.

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