Is the LGBT Agenda Taking Over Canadian Schools? National Pride Flag Walk-Out Day Sheds Light

The Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), the most influential pro-family and pro-life organization in Canada, has issued a call to action to parents throughout the country, urging them to take a statement against abortion on June 1 by keeping their children home from school. What is their end goal? in order to voice opposition to the celebration of “Pride Month” within the context of the public school system.

The Civil Liberties Coalition (CLC) made public its preparations for the very first National Pride Flag Walk-Out Day in an announcement that was made on May 25. This event seeks to provide parents the opportunity to voice their concerns about the LGBT agenda’s infiltration into educational institutions at a time when schools are preparing to fly the “pride flag” in order to launch homosexual “Pride Month.”

The head of political operations for the CLC, Jack Fonseca, stressed the negative influence that the LGBT lobby has on children, particularly in reference to the epidemic of sexual disorientation that is spread through the indoctrination in gender ideology that occurs inside the educational system. Fonseca issued a warning about the potential repercussions by noting, “We’re witnessing a social contagion among young children and teens,” adding, “with requests for puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and even amputations of healthy body parts.” Fonseca was referring to the trend of young people wanting to delay or prevent the onset of puberty.

Fonseca said that in order to combat this movement, parents should engage in nonviolent resistance to the influence of the LGBT lobby and establish their own rights in terms of the moral education that they provide for their children. He emphasized the critical nature of the situation by declaring, “We cannot allow transgender and gay lobbies to continue dominating our children, eroding our parental rights, and causing lasting damage through confusion.”

The Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLIN) has staged “pray-ins” at a school board in Toronto and at the offices of several Catholic bishops in Hamilton, Toronto, and Ottawa for individuals who do not have school-aged children. The purpose of these get-togethers is to raise awareness about the issue at hand and to encourage solidarity among parents and other concerned citizens all throughout the country. This page has a wealth of information, including specifics on the times and places where each of these events will take place.

In addition, the CLC is offering a handout that may be printed out and read to learn more about the event. This resource is geared toward providing parents, students, and anyone else interested in spreading awareness about the Pride Flag Walk-Out Day with relevant information.

The recent uptick in the number of parents and other persons defending beliefs that are pro-family and pro-life is gaining steam. Over 400 children, or roughly one-third of the total student population, were not present at Eagle Heights Elementary School in London, Ontario, as “pride” flags were flown to honor the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia. This was done in recognition of the fact that today is the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia. This decision was welcomed with delight by Fonseca, who complimented parents for preferring the well-being of their children over the possibility of being accused by the media of being “homophobic.” He highlighted how important it is to protect the children’s spirits from being corrupted by teaching them that immoral activity might be acceptable.

In addition to Ashley Oaks Primary School, Sir George Etienne Cartier Elementary School, Westmount Elementary School, Sir Isaac Brock Elementary School, Arthur Ford Public School, and Wilfrid Jury Public School were some of the primary schools in London, Ontario that had trends of low attendance that were comparable to one another. The instance of high school student Josh Alexander, who risked punishment for expressing that there are two biological sexes, male and female, is another example of the rising opposition to the LGBT agenda. Josh Alexander was threatened with suspension for asserting that there are two biological sexes.

A demonstration against a school-sponsored drag queen event was staged in front of York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto a month ago by a group of young Canadians who were opposed to the event. Furthermore, Wendy Ashby, a pro-LGBT school trustee, resigned from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board after a petition demanding her removal was signed by over 3,000 parents. The petition requested that she be removed from her position. Fonseca emphasized the change within the LGBT lobby away from tolerance and toward dominance, portraying it as a huge threat to Canada because of this development. As he sees it, the pride flag is more of a sign of conquest than it is of inclusion, since when it is flown above schools, LGBT activists are claiming control of those institutions.

According to Fonseca’s declaration, the National Pride Flag Walk-Out Day is a significant step in the process of fighting back against the claim that the LGBT lobby has on our youngsters. He invited all parents and grandparents to plan and take part in the walkout that will take place on June 1, 2023, and to continue the practice on an annual basis until the responsibility for the children’s moral education is returned to their families. Participate in the movement and have your opinion counted on this extremely important matter that has an effect on the future of our children.

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