Link Between mRNA Vaccines and Surge in HIV Diagnoses: A Critical Analysis by Dr. Peter McCullough

In a shocking revelation, renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has brought attention to a concerning trend: a significant rise in HIV diagnoses among vaccinated individuals worldwide. This article delves into the implications of nine peer-reviewed studies that highlight a correlation between experimental mRNA COVID vaccines and an alarming spike in positive HIV tests across heavily vaccinated nations.

Unveiling the Disturbing Trend
Dr. McCullough emphasizes that while the mRNA vaccines do not directly transmit HIV, the situation for the vaccinated is far more dire. The positive HIV diagnoses result from individuals experiencing severe immunodeficiency post-vaccination.

The Immunodeficiency Challenge
Vaccinated individuals face a compromised immune system due to a surge in Vaccine-Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). This immunodeficiency, in turn, leads to positive HIV test results, eventually progressing to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Mainstream Media’s Cover-Up
Despite the publication of these crucial findings in prestigious medical journals, the mainstream media appears reluctant to address the concerning link between mRNA vaccines and HIV diagnoses. Instead of acknowledging the gravity of the situation, media outlets seem determined to downplay the information, contributing to what Dr. McCullough describes as a “great cover-up.”

Gates’ Role in Vaccine Approval
The article explores the controversial role of Bill Gates in the approval of experimental mRNA vaccines for various ailments, including HIV. Gates’ influence extends to regulatory bodies and media outlets, ensuring minimal critical coverage of his globalist agenda.

Unintended Consequences Revealed
Recent research from Cambridge University sheds light on unintended immune responses, labeled as “glitches,” occurring in over 25% of individuals receiving mRNA COVID jabs. This unintended consequence raises concerns about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines.

Personal Testimonies and Media Influence
Public figures like Megyn KElly share personal experiences, linking autoimmune diseases to vaccine boosters. The article questions the lack of mainstream coverage and highlights the potential influence of pharmaceutical companies on media narratives.

Challenging the Status Quo
As the evidence of the global elite’s actions unfolds, the article calls for accountability. It emphasizes the importance of questioning mainstream narratives, encouraging readers to stay informed and engage in critical thinking.

Conclusion: A Call to Action
Opinion-Canada urges readers to subscribe, share the article, and join their community to expose the alleged crimes of the global elite. As the article concludes, Opinion Canada remains committed to unveiling the truth and seeks the support of an informed and empowered audience.

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2 thoughts on “Link Between mRNA Vaccines and Surge in HIV Diagnoses: A Critical Analysis by Dr. Peter McCullough

  1. Yes amazing it took so long for someone to recognize that reality, as few already knew that in advance and knew not to get the jab. Of course mainstream fake stream media would not talk about it. People may realize the elephant in the room is not an elephant but a goblin. All those people are goblins, those so called “vaccine” companies are actually bio-weapons, the so called WMD, look who owns control votes and edits or censors the mainstream media, goblins, who owns moderna and Pfizer etc , goblins. who is deep state, goblins, who is the government occupied by, goblins, & traitors & perverts, genocide maniacs. nobody wants to say it, that would be considered anti-goblin, yet they are allowed unlimited corruption of our society and the world. As for GLITCHES: G=Genocide, L=Logistics, I=Injected, T=Total/Totally, C=Corrupting/Corruption, H=Human, E=Extinction, S=Sequence; Genocide Logistics Injected Totally Corrupting Human Extinction Sequence; this is not found anywhere else, it is defined this morning, here and now, GLITCHES, sure, as if we are lines of corrupt piece of crap windows billy gaytz defective by design computer code, some glitch, pre-meditated genocide by sociopaths. Amazing people still use windows after all the mass genocide done by Gates & genocide associates. Many people argued and ridicules anti vaxxers, who already knew the end result, without having the so called science, and PR script of lies known as the official narrative. Sadness beyond measure. Government corruption beyond measure, disease and death, well maybe 8 billion. the bible says, unless those days be shortened, no flesh would be saved alive…nuke.microwave, bio-weapons, gmo, all bio-weapons. Too bad for such a beautiful awesome planet to have such satanic destruction.

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