Maxime Bernier criticized the support for transgenderism shown by the Canadian Military

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), recently caused a stir after his tweets that criticized the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for supporting transgenderism went viral on the internet. Bernier was critical of the CAF for allowing transgenderism to be practiced within the CAF. The statements made by Bernier were in reaction to a tweet that was sent by the CAF on March 31 marking the “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

In his tweet, Bernier made a humorous threat that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) would defend the country against any assault by sending soldiers with “reconstructed genitals” who would be led by non-binary officers who wore nail paint. This comment was met with backlash on social media, which prompted the CAF to release another statement calling on those who are unwilling to “accept” transgender ideology to unfollow them. In this statement, the CAF also called on those who are unwilling to “accept” transgender ideology to “accept” transgender ideology.

Bernier has never wavered from his stance that there are only two biological sexes, and he has been vocal in his opposition to the propagation of extremist LGBT ideology. He recently criticized the practice of holding drag queen storytime events aimed at children, calling them a type of gender “ideology” that “must cease” and describing it as “very irresponsible.”

Transgender activists were able to meet in Toronto and other locations with the help of the federal government despite the limits that were placed on protesting LGBT activities that targeted children in several Canadian cities. Chris Elston, a Canadian father, and activist who warns parents about the risks of “sex modifications” for their children were attacked in Vancouver by a trans activist for rejecting the trans activist’s gender ideology, and it is reported that the police stood by and did not intervene in the incident.

Bernier also reminded his supporters that the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) purported dedication to inclusivity was not demonstrated in 2022 when the CAF cracked down on troops who refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Bernier said this to illustrate that the purported dedication to inclusivity was not demonstrated by the CAF.

In conclusion, Bernier’s words have aroused controversy regarding the amount of inclusion within the institution as well as the promotion of transgender ideology inside the Canadian Military Forces. This argument was triggered by Bernier’s comments. The event also brings to light the persistent conflicts between individuals who favor extreme LGBT ideology and individuals who reject it.

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