Navigating the Tripledemic: COVID, Influenza, and RSV – A Comprehensive Analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of public health, the year 2022 brought to the forefront an unsettling concept: the “tripledemic.” This term, referring to the simultaneous circulation of COVID, seasonal influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), captured the attention of mainstream media and ignited concerns on an unprecedented scale. This article delves into the intricacies of this phenomenon, dissecting the narrative, the players involved, and the implications for public health.

The Convergence of Threats: Unraveling the Tripledemic Narrative

Fear, as the adage goes, holds remarkable selling power. It is this very emotion that seems to fuel the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing strategy when it comes to vaccines. In the fall of 2022, headlines were ablaze with warnings of a potential tripedemic, a scenario where COVID, seasonal influenza, and RSV coexist in our communities. This narrative, propagated by mainstream media, underscored the urgency for vaccination and vigilance.

RSV’s Sudden Limelight: A Strategic Move

Curiously, amid this discourse emerged a spotlight on RSV, a virus that has quietly existed for decades. Strikingly, this focus coincided with announcements of fast-tracked RSV vaccines—a risky endeavor given the history of unsuccessful attempts spanning six decades due to safety concerns. The timing and the intent behind such accelerated efforts warrant closer inspection.

Vaccine Manufacturers’ Pursuit of a Triple Solution

Pfizer and Moderna, known giants in the pharmaceutical realm, were not to be left behind in this intricate dance. Both companies embarked on developing combination mRNA vaccines targeting COVID, RSV, and influenza, a triad expected to hit the market in the coming years. The implications of such a concoction, its efficacy, and safety profiles, form the crux of concerns for both the scientific community and the general public.

RSV Vaccines: A Glimpse into the Present and Future

The summer of 2023 marked a pivotal moment as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted approval for the first RSV vaccines for seniors aged 60 and above. Pfizer’s Abrysvo and GlaxoSmithKline’s Arexvy, both recombinant subunit vaccines, entered the fray. This milestone, however, wasn’t without reservations, as reports of Guillain-Barré syndrome as a potential side effect sent ripples of concern.

The Cost of Protection: Balancing Health and Finance

With a price range of $180 to $270 for Pfizer’s RSV vaccine and $200 to $295 for GlaxoSmithKline’s offering, the cost of safeguarding against the threat of RSV is a pertinent consideration. An unexpected twist in the pricing narrative by GSK, doubling the cost based on evolving effectiveness data, raises questions about transparency and affordability.

The Relentless Tripledemic Narrative

As the calendar turned to the fall of 2023, the tripedemic narrative regained momentum, capturing headlines and public attention. A staggering 41.2 million articles surfaced in a Google search for “triple pandemic 2023.” Yet, the accessibility to this information is a mere fraction of the total, shedding light on the limitations of information consumption in the digital age.

The Google Quandary: Selective Information Access

Google, once a gateway to a wealth of information, now stands accused of limiting access to a mere 100 results for common search terms. The implications of this constraint are substantial, particularly in the realm of research and information dissemination. The broader question of censorship and control over information emerges as a pressing concern.

Centralized Coordination: A Synchronized Message

The media’s role in shaping perceptions cannot be overlooked. As evidenced by identical headlines and narratives across news agencies during the COVID pandemic, the hand of centralized coordination becomes evident. This phenomenon underscores the orchestration of the tripedemic narrative from a central source.

A Strategic Approach to Fall 2023: Preparedness and Vaccination

As fall 2023 unfolds, health officials in the United States gear up for a potential rise in respiratory illnesses. The message is clear: vaccination against COVID-19, flu, and RSV is imperative. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) takes center stage in these efforts, emphasizing preparedness, risk communication, and vaccine promotion.

Triad of Inoculation: Recommendations for Fall 2023

The fall of 2023 brings forth recommendations for a triple shot regimen:

  1. Influenza Vaccine: Advocating for universal protection, health officials recommend flu vaccination for all individuals aged 6 months and above.
  2. mRNA COVID-19 Booster: The Omicron XBB.1.5 strain is targeted in the updated mRNA COVID-19 booster, even as it wanes. The nuanced recommendations for this booster reflect the ongoing evolution of the pandemic landscape.
  3. RSV Vaccine: Seniors aged 60 and above are urged to receive the RSV vaccine, marking a significant step in addressing vulnerability.

The Bundled Approach: A Conundrum of Safety

A pressing question emerges—should all three vaccines be administered in a single visit? While the notion is compelling, it is crucial to acknowledge the absence of supporting safety data. Amid this debate, medical experts voice differing opinions, underscoring the complexity of decision-making.

Contextualizing Hospitalization Rates: Current Realities

The trajectory of COVID-related hospitalizations provides a barometer of the pandemic’s impact. Analyzing data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the article sheds light on the fluctuating rates and the dominance of specific subvariants. Importantly, a historical perspective tempers the narrative, highlighting the contrasts with previous waves.

Fear as a Control Mechanism: Unraveling Motives

Central to the discourse is the role of fear in shaping behavior. The tripedemic’s amplified threat serves a purpose—sustaining the biosecurity crisis that, in turn, justifies The Great Reset. Fear-mongering, strategically timed, becomes a tool to perpetuate obedience and societal control.

Beyond Government: Unearthing the Hidden Hand

A pivotal realization emerges—the ultimate power transcends governments. The elusive “Deep State,” a global power structure, exerts influence without accountability. The shift from the New World Order to The Great Reset signifies a continuum of control, catalyzed by disease outbreaks and societal restrictions.

A Prophetic Glimpse: Lessons from the Past

An intriguing prophecy emerges from a 2014 interview with investigative journalist Harry Vox. Disease outbreaks, quarantines, and curfews, discussed as tools for control, foreshadow the present reality. The Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lockstep” scenario, outlined in 2010, eerily mirrors the current pandemic landscape.

The Power of Belief: Dissecting the End Game

Accepting the globalist agenda demands acknowledging their intentions. Bioweaponry, resource control, and the pursuit of a new world order form the crux. The potency of this agenda lies in fear, and our perception of government’s protective role fuels this power dynamic.

Taking Back Control: A Shift in Paradigm

In the face of the tripedemic narrative, a counter-narrative emerges—one of resilience and self-empowerment. Strengthening the immune system through natural means assumes prominence. Reflecting on the benign impact of past infections, the article encourages a reevaluation of the fear-inducing rhetoric.

The Power of Fearlessness: A New Path

COVID, RSV, and influenza, while posing risks to specific populations, have narratives that need contextualization. Overcoming fear and reclaiming control of health choices emerges as a potent solution. Amidst the storm of tripedemic fears, a call to reject fear-driven agendas reverberates.

In a world besieged by the shadows of disease, narratives, and control mechanisms, a clarion call for discernment resonates. The tripedemic’s potency lies not only in the convergence of threats but also in the perceptions we harbor. In this journey of understanding, fear’s dominion can be dismantled, leaving room for informed choices and empowered lives.

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