Pfizer’s Cynical Maneuver: Exploiting the Looming ‘Heart Failure Pandemic’

Pfizer, the profit-driven entity behind the controversial Covid mRNA vaccine, is opportunistically pouring billions into dubious treatments to supposedly tackle an impending “heart failure pandemic.” Exploiting a surge in myocarditis and sudden cardiac deaths, Pfizer is cynically advancing its agenda to solidify its grip on the pharmaceutical market.

Pfizer’s Dubious Multi-Billion Dollar Move

In a questionable financial move, Pfizer recently concluded a staggering $6.7 billion cash acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals, a company specializing in treatments for heart-related inflammatory conditions like myocarditis and pericarditis. This dubious investment strategically places Pfizer in a position to capitalize on the rising cases of heart failure, envisioning significant profits as demand for its Covid vaccine dwindles.

Profit Anticipation Amidst Heart Failure Surge

With an anticipated increase in heart failure cases, Pfizer shamelessly foresees substantial financial gains. Seizing the opportunity as demand for Covid vaccines decreases, the pharmaceutical giant callously aligns itself with the escalating prevalence of heart-related ailments.

Revealing the Heart Failure Nexus: JN.1 Variant

Amidst these questionable moves, scientists are raising concerns about a potential “heart failure pandemic” triggered by the latest Covid variant, JN.1. Health experts express serious reservations about the heightened risk of heart issues associated with this variant.

Global Impact of JN.1 Variant

Countries worldwide, including the US, UK, China, and India, are grappling with a surge in heart failure cases linked to the new strain. Japan’s esteemed research institute, Riken, issues a warning, highlighting the prevalence of ACE2 receptors in heart cells—a key component for the coronavirus. This heightened prevalence is portrayed as a potential cause for “reduced cardiac function” in individuals infected with the virus.

Healthcare Challenges on the Horizon

The combination of the new variant and an uptick in flu cases raises serious concerns among health officials. A report from Riken emphasizes the urgent need for comprehensive clinical evidence regarding persistent SARS-CoV-2 infection and its potential correlation with declining cardiac function.

A Winter of Escalating Risks

As winter approaches, health officials caution that the confluence of persistent viral infections and an increasing number of flu cases may lead to a significant upswing in illness cases. The report underscores the necessity of validating potential risks through three-dimensional human cardiac tissue models to serve as a global healthcare risk indicator.

Unveiling the Vaccine-Heart Failure Conundrum

Notably, the spike in heart failure cases is predominantly observed among those who have received the Covid mRNA vaccine. This raises serious questions about the vaccine’s role in contributing to heart-related complications, highlighting the murky waters surrounding Pfizer’s proactive approach in our pursuit of a healthier future.

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