In a bold move towards press freedom, Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre has pledged to halt the arrests of journalists, emphasizing a commitment to safeguarding the freedom of the press in Canada. This promise comes on the heels of the recent controversial arrest of Rebel News reporter David Menzies, sparking outrage and international attention.

A Stand Against Journalist Arrests
During a press conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Menzies questioned Poilievre about his government’s approach to media regulations, prompting a resolute response. Poilievre declared, “WE’re going to stop arresting journalists.” He criticized the Trudeau government for detaining journalists merely for asking questions, highlighting the need to protect this fundamental aspect of demorcracy.

Menzies’ Arrest Sparks Outrage
The incident involving Menzies unfolded when he was falsely accused of assault by a police officer while attempting to question Liberal DEputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland. The video footage of the arrest went viral, triggering widespread condemnation and even drawing attention from influential figures like Elon Musk.

Menzies was released without charges, raising concerns about the arrest’s legitimacy. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), assisted by the York Regional Police, faced scrutiny, with investigations initiated into the conduct of the arresting officer.

Poilievre’s Pledge: A Broader Perspective
Expanding on his commitment to press freedom, Poilievre promised to rescind Trudeau’s Bill C-11 if elected in the upcoming federal election. He criticized the bill, claiming it enables censorship and favors one idea over others, contributing to what he described as a “creeping totalitarianism” in Canada.

Trudeau’s Internet Censorship Laws Under Fire
Poilievre warned agianst the dangers of Trudeau’s internet censorship laws, particularly Bill C-11, which has raised concerns about potential attacks on independent media. The recent passage of federal internet censorship laws has prompted discussions about a pre-election “code of conduct” for newsrooms, drawing criticism from senators as an affront to freedom of the press.

Canada’s legacy media, receiving millions in state funding annually, faces increased scrutiny as the government’s regulatory measures tighten.

Legal Actions on the Horizon
Rebel News founder Ezra Levant squarely blamed Trudeau’s administration for Menzies’ arrest, labeling them as “thugs.” Levant’s team is gearing up for legal action, planning to sue the RCMP, York Regional Police, and Freeland for false arrest.

In the midst of these unfolding events, Pierre Poilievre’s promise to protect press freedom and address the pitfalls of internet censorship laws presents a stark contrast to the current government’s approach. As the political landscape evolves, the battle for a free and unrestricted press in Canada intensifies.

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One thought on “Pierre Poilievre Vows to Protect Press Freedom and Rescind Trudeau’s Internet Censorship Laws”
  1. Hmmm ya that’s interesting:

    Poilievre’s Pledge: A Broader Perspective
    Expanding on his commitment to press freedom, Poilievre promised to rescind Trudeau’s Bill C-11 if elected in the upcoming federal election. He criticized the bill, claiming it enables censorship and favors one idea over others, contributing to what he described as a “creeping totalitarianism” in Canada.

    Really now, apply that to the Conservative Party. How about free votes, how about MPs talking about their personal position, or that of the constituents, instead of banning free speech on important topics?

    How about the freedom convoy, does free speech apply there? Or what about his comments concerning the member of the European Parliament? Eh?

    If he valued free speech so much, why not talk about Made in Canada of all things? Eh?

    If he valued free speech personally, and by leadership example, why so many times did he not vote on certain specific matters?

    “favors one idea over others” really now? maybe time overdue to get rid of the foreign faggot policy advisors, or general zog, or how about parents rights, or student right not having to be subject to such traitorous cultural and sexual genocide and related propaganda and school, college or university?

    You like free speech, how about disclosing the identity of the protected 80,000 or so pedofiles in Canada which are useful for such things as drag story hour at public libraries and schools and recruiting grounds for more government personnel at all levels, federal, provincial and municipal…

    Free speech eh, does that apply to private property rights? Gun ownership? The use of firearms is freedom of speech and expression, certainly that would be useful to get the point across, right?

    Or how about the mass obscene immigration, white replacement, kill whitey, foreign invasion, asylum war vector scenario, let’s talk about that, yes, use your eloquent verbosity and manners, let’s hear it from the leader of free speech.

    What about 40 lashes to the unions who didn’t defend their members from the vaccine genocide? Be a sport, make it a reality show, you can do it, you have self esteem right, you can talk.

    How about churches that talk against the alphabet criminal zionist immoral corruption being super imposed on society, yes, let’s talk about that shall we. the list of topics is long.

    After all, We stand on guard for thee…should be more than empty words subject to some immoral super-imposed social engineering cultural genocide anti Canadian identity agenda.

    What about saying something about all the illegal so called hate speech laws? Eh super imposed by goblins and traitors, how is that for free speech now?

    Where is the evidence of defending the Canadian Armed Forces against the vaxxine bio-weapon bio-terrorism, treason and high treason promoted by the last two hindu ministers of Defence? including the PM and deputy PM and other the other imbeciles.

    What about rebuilding the railroads in Canada, or only crap electric cars. What about talking about all those high mileage fuel systems? Or only endless anti fossil fuel rhetoric sponsored by the council of 300 and the de-industrialization agenda, yes, let’s talk about that shall we, considering 95% of stuff is made in China not made in Canada, certainly, that wouldn’t be racist, would it, only whites can be racist, let’s talk about that too while we are at it, eh whitey? Be a sport, that what the nice suit is for…
    That’s not a leader, that is a puppet, who does not allow freedom of speech in his own party. amazing!

    I promise, if i’m elected blah blah blah, today is what counts, not the future that never happened with virtue signalling and usurping qualities, competence and character that do not exist except by facade.

    How about a straight white nationalist freedom of speech eh? Let’s get in the cage, sell tickets, why not, be a sport, right.

    Ok i’m going back to the apple barrel. No doubt, others have other things they’d like to talk about, Let’s have at it, at freedom of speech & freedom after speech, how excellent. No goblins and traitors to censor everything, how lucky can we get, thanks for making available for us peasants and useless eaters, at least we know we can own everything and really be happy and not have to eat bugs full of parasites or be vaxxed to death with brain eating genocide technology.

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