Prominent Vaccine-Passport Advocate Dies Unexpectedly: Questions Arise

A WEF-funded Canadian journalist who heavily pushed for mandatory vaccine-passports has died “suddenly and unexpectedly”, according to reports.

Canadian business journalist Ian Vandaelle, who was young and reportedly healthy, dropped dead at the age of 33 earlier this week.

As usual, nothing connecting his sudden death to the toxic mRNA shots has been mentioned by the mainstream media.

A 33-year-old Canadian journalist who was a prominent advocate for the Covid-19 vaccine and pushed for vaccine mandates has passed away following a hospitalization that resulted in a “neurological death” declaration.

Ian Vandaelle, a seasoned business journalist from Canada, has extensive experience in the field, having worked as a reporter and editor at the FInancial Post and as a producer at BNN Bloomberg for over 10 years.

Stephanie Hughes, Vandaelle’s significant other, revealed on her X account on December 5, 2023, that she had been absent from Twitter due to her partner’s hospitalization since November 18. With sorrow, she announced that IanVandaelle, aged 33, was pronounced brain dead and life support was discontinued this week.

Vandaelle has utilized social media platforms to express her support for policies that promote Covid-19 vaccination, incuding the implementation of vaccine passports and incentives for individuals who receive the vaccine. Additionally, she has advocated for the termination of those who refuse to get vaccinated.

Vandaelle suggested a dual approach to encourage vaccination, offering rewards and incentives for those who get vaccinated, such as free ice cream or the chance to win prizes, while also making vaccination a requirement for participating in non-essential activities, like watching a game at a bar, to ensure widespread participation.

He emphasized in a subsequent post that the Toronto Police should dismiss any members who refused to get vaccinated, arguing that it was a moral and ethical failure to prioritize the safety of citizens. He believed that taking the oath to protect citizens came with the responsibility of getting vaccinated, and that anything less was an act of cowardice.

Before his hospitalization, Vandaelle appeared to be in good physical and mental condition, as evidenced by his active participation in various work-related activities and his engagement on social media platforms.

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