Should Alberta Opt-Out of RCMP Contract Due to Dissatisfaction with Performance and Cost?

Over the past few years, the idea that Alberta ought to terminate its agreement with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has been gaining traction in the province. There are several convincing arguments in favor of giving this option some thought, despite the fact that it is a choice that ought not to be made flippantly. In this post, we shall investigate some of the causes of this phenomenon.

The Political Justifications Behind the Opt-Out

To better protect its constitutionally-guaranteed rights, the province of Alberta needs to give serious consideration to terminating its contract with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). By taking this step, the province will be able to loosen one of the ties that bind it to the federal government. This is something that would provide Alberta with total control over its police force, allowing the people of the province to establish the priorities of the police force as well as hold the police force accountable for its actions. This plan would be an important step toward creating greater autonomy for the province if it were to be implemented.

Unhappiness with the Way the RCMP Is Performing

Dissatisfaction with the RCMP’s performance is another factor to examine when determining whether or not Alberta should terminate its contract with the national police agency. People living in rural communities all around Alberta have voiced their displeasure with the high rate of crime in their communities as well as the apparent inability of the RCMP to combat the problem. Worse yet, some people have reported that the RCMP has a “no” attitude toward their requests. This unhappiness shows that a change is necessary and raises issues about the level of service that the RCMP is delivering at the present time.

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The Aspect of Expense

The decision to withdraw from the RCMP contract would also result in positive financial outcomes for the province. Because the cost of providing the service was initially subsidized by the federal government, using the RCMP was initially a more cost-effective option for the province to pursue. On the other hand, this subsidy has been reduced over the course of the past several years, and the federal government is currently making it sound as though they would want to do away with it entirely. Because of this change, using the RCMP will no longer be the more cost-effective option for any of the provinces.

Comprehending the Terms of the Contract

A commercial contract was agreed upon between Alberta and the RCMP many years ago, and it has been in effect ever since. Even though the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) provides policing services to a number of different provinces and territories, it does not make sense for the federal government to operate a police force in Stettler or Cardston. Simply said, it is something that was decided upon many years ago, and the auto-renewal procedure has made it possible for it to remain in place with relatively little oversight. It is absolutely necessary to have a solid understanding of the fact that the contract is not a constitutional natural state.

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