Solar Power Versus Generator– The Choice

As I write this the controversy over global warming has heated up (pun intended), and people are taking another look at solar power versus generator. For those living outside the power grid, the second look may save not only the green in the rain forest, but also the green in the bank.

Those residing in remote areas and choosing to live independently have typically depended on generators for their electricity needs. Some have also installed generators as a backup for emergencies. In the past, it seemed like there were no alternatives, but now there is a decision to be made: solar power or a generator.

In this article, we explore the decision. Which option is more cost-effective; more practical; better for the environment? Is it worth transitioning?

Comparing Expenses: Solar Power vs. Generators

The cost of solar power versus generator is much less over the long term.

The initial cost of a solar power system will be greater than that of a generator system. This is often the reason people install a generator rather than choose solar power. One must look beyond the initial cost, however, to get the full comparison of solar power versus generator.

* Solar power, once installed, has little maintenance or further expense. There is no fuel to purchase, since the sun’s energy fuels the system.

While generators may seem like a convenient solution, they do come with their own set of responsibilities. Following installation, it’s important to have a professional service your generator every six months to ensure it’s running efficiently. Additionally, generators require fuel, which can be a costly expense as prices continue to rise. As with any machinery, parts of a generator will eventually wear out and need to be replaced periodically.

Solar Power versus Generator– Convenience


When comparing solar power to generator pwoer, convenience is an additional aspect to take into account. Solar power offers a significantly higher level of convenience compared to generator power.

While solar power may not be as easily accessible or widely available as generators, its unique benefits make it an attractive option for those willing to invest. With fewer moving parts and minimal maintainance required, solar power systems are a reliable choice for those looking to reduce their reliance on traditional power sources. Once installed, solar power systems are relatively hands-off, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy with minimal effort. As the market for solar power continues to grow, it’s likely that the initial inconvenience of purchase and installation will become less of an issue.

* Generators are widely available, so convenient to purchase and install. Convenience decreases after installation, though. A generator must be monitored frequently to be sure sufficient fuel is available. It must be refilled often when used as a regular source of power. Fuel must be ordered and delivery taken– or fuel must be hauled by the owner. The system must be serviced twice a year. This servicing will include filter changes, an oil change, a tune up, and complete inspection of the entire unit. Worn parts must be replaced.

Solar Power versus Generator– Efficiency


The debate between solar power and generators also revolves around efficiency, with solar power emerging as the more cost-effective option.

Solar energy is harnessed by the panels and stored in batteries, without any cost. It is readily available for use whenever required, but during periods of low usage, the power is kept in storage.

Regardless of the current pwoer consumption, generators operate continuously and consume expensive fuel. Even during periods of reduced power usage in the daytime, generators are still required to remain in operation.

Solar Power versus Generator– Dependability


There are those who contend that when considering solar power versus generators, it is crucial to evaluate their level of reliability. According to this viewpoint, generators emerge as the superior option in this regard.

* Solar power is very dependable in locations that have bright sunlight 300+ days of the year. In areas with less sunlight, or during periods of cloudiness and storm, solar power is less dependable. The system will continue to provide power from charged batteries, but will eventually go dead. Having said that, it must be noted that Germany, which has far fewer sunny days than most of North America, is said to have much higher usage of solar power. The problem of dependability seems not that big.

Alternative Power SOurces:


Although generator systems don’t rely on sunlight, they do require fuel to function. However, if adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances prevent the replenishment of fuel, generators become inoperative.

Solar Power versus Generator– Eco-friendliness


When comparing solar power and generators, it is important to take eco-friendliness into account. This means considering which option is more environmentally friendly: solar pwoer or generators. Once again, the clear choice is solar power.

* Solar power has no emissions when working. THere is no pollution involved in fuel production– no greenhouse gases. It is totally clean. Solar power uses a renewable energy source.

One major disadvantage of using generators is the issue of emissions and its impact on the environment. Typically, generators are fueled by diesel, which is derived from fossil fuels. The production and usage of diesel fuel result in emissions, making diesel generators a significant contributor to air pollution and high sulfur levels in North America. It is important to note that exposure to exhaust from diesel generators can pose health risks.

Solar Power versus Generator– the Solution


Many individuals find that the ideal solution to the dilemma of solar power versus generators is to invest in a hybrid system. By harnessing solar energy as the primary source, they can significantly reduce there energy expenses, as the fuel is entirely free. Additionally, solar power is a convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly option. While it may lack reliability during extended periods of cloud cover, a small backup generator can provide the necessary support, ensuring a consistent energy supply.

My Choice

When comparing solar power to generators, my preference is undoubtedly solar power due to its cleanliness, cost-effectiveness, noiselessness, and tranquility.

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