The Avro Arrow story is one of those Quintessentially Canadian Tales

Absolutely fascinating piece of history, isn’t it? The Avro Arrow story is one of those quintessentially Canadian tales that’s steeped in both pride and a tinge of regret. I mean, just think about it—back in ’58, when that sleek bird took to the skies for the first time, it was like the whole country held its breath.

Picture this: here was Canada, flexing its aerospace muscles on the world stage, with the Avro Arrow leading the charge. It was a symbol of our innovation, our ingenuity. And then, bam! Just a few months later, it was all scrapped. Can you imagine the rollercoaster of emotions?

What gets me every time is that burning question: what if? What if the government hadn’t pulled the plug? Could we have been talking about Canadian astronauts planting maple leaf flags on the moon? It’s mind-boggling to consider the possibilities.

But hey, it wasn’t just about the plane itself. The ripple effects of that decision were massive—thousands of jobs lost, dreams shattered. And let’s not forget about all those wild projects Avro had cooking up! Flying saucers, lunar rovers… talk about thinking outside the box.

And you know what’s really sad? Even today, more than half a century later, that question still hangs in the air like a ghost: what if? It’s like a piece of Canadian history that’s forever stuck in limbo.

But hey, amidst all the what-ifs and could-have-beens, there’s still a sense of pride in what the Avro Arrow represented. It’s a reminder that Canada has always punched above its weight when it comes to innovation. And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll find ourselves back in the skies, pushing the boundaries once again. Until then, we’ll just keep wondering about that elusive “what if.”

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2 thoughts on “The Avro Arrow story is one of those Quintessentially Canadian Tales

  1. Maybe one day we’ll find ourselves back in the skies, pushing the boundaries once again. Until then, we’ll just keep wondering about that elusive “what if.

  2. Yessir you are right about that, fascinating, a heartbreaker, yet inspirational and encouraging about what is going on now, few people are talking about, you must be special, you have not been cancelled yet. It is mind boggling, can’t imagine how to get so many people to work on one single goal, never mind a national security national defence one, now, it is beyond a miracle. Pure dedication, relentless, resourceful, providential to an exponential level, yep, mind boggling. The idea of pushing those boundaries are found in something you already made a link to at and . We have problems since we never accepted the responsibility to change it, to be honest with the challenges and the war against Canada and Canadians. People realize the government has been taken over by general zog and the anti-nationalist crowd, traitors, and people with no vision, and the mass media has nothing good to say and has been a huge part of the problem in ruining Canada, with their social engineering and public opinion deception, manipulation and interference, true enemies foreign and domestic, and Canadians let it all happen, thinking they could do nothing about it, like now, lay down and die, technology destruction and cultural genocide and industrial genocide, government genocide, no more peace, order and good government. It was well within our power to go to space, and now the only comprehensive genius idea and technology continuum for something so awesome as a single stage to orbit spacecraft is once again envisioned by the aerospace engineering prodigy with CAI-825-MC Hyper Sonic Transport – HST and certainly the aerospace visionnaire is not bogged down with the past, what if, no, go forward, to the march of a different drum with the sounds of jet engines and machinery and people working in their zone. The better question may be, What can I do, what can I do to make a difference, how can we go forward, the past is done with, we can learn from it, not get bogged down with it, there is no “processing” there is no bullshit “support group” there is no running to be a longer to deal with the stress and challenge, there is only the opportunity for the energy of aerospace, co-operation, real creative work, genius work, co-operation, being true to one self heart and soul like, integrity. It’s hard to get a good boss, certainly someone with vision, brains, character and integrity with a loyalty so fierce it boggles the mind, to be so focused, to build an entire continuum to make it all happen, to transform that thought and imagination, an amazing vision about Canada into something so awesome. Something only a certain kind of person can be a part of, building the future.

    James C. Floyd was right,

    “Maybe with the same spirit that was afield then,

    this could be repeated.

    I just don’t know if there’s anyone capable.

    It takes genius you see,

    it needs somebody to spark things off.

    Maybe it could happen again.”

    James C. Floyd

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