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Prelude to awesomeness:

Being a visionary person is the idea about individual creative imagination, a future where we can choose to create now, real alternate reality creation. With more than one individual, people working can co-create together, we can have synergy, complimentary and contrasting articles, degrees of perspective, perception and awareness. We can go forward, we choose everyday, every moment.

Choice Points – initiative, response and pro-active involvement:

There are multiple choice points on the time line. We can choose to do something more aligned with our purpose, true authenticity, our values, passionate enthusiasm for people, places, projects, adventure, re-inventing Canada or restoring that to the Peace, Order and Good Government ideal and maybe even much more, beyond the original vision, the original program, the original expedient and urgent to do something much more.

An Invitation – RSVP :

We would like to build and expanded free speech platform, with the ideal of opinion about ideas and belief, viewpoint and awareness concerning things that matter most to us. So, this can be an invitation to recruit creative talent, guess writers, even comments and active participation is essential. And no worries, our privacy like yours is essential, and having that respect and professionalism is essential in everything we do, write, believe and imagine.

It’s about awareness and ideals:

Opinions are essential, like facts and truth, even more essential, real history, and yes, digging in the various topics of journalism, investigative journalism, yes, conspiracy theories also, along with more of the untold truth, interesting PsyOps,, things of interest, relevant news and intel for general and specialized topics.

Vision, focus and imagine the future that you are your best self:

We also intend to focus on things that are much more relevant and having that awareness of corresponding options, so you can have more excitement and adventure, better decisions, a revitalized and healthier life, a much greater optimism, confidence, faith, trust, a new spring in your steps towards victory, achievement and super achievement. This represents a pro-active life of adventure.

We are going forward :

What would it be like to go forward and beyond anything we have done before?
Individually and together, we are going forward, confidently, step by step in the right and write direction. We have a chance now, to build great things together. Yes, we will not have the ideal of perfection or infinite resource to stop or prevent things. Everyone has a chance to grow, to discover and build audacity, confidence and courage, small steps at first perhaps, then more, your true authentic self. What would that look like to you? Run with it, run with heart and soul, your true self, we encourage you, respond, write, dream, articulate it like art and science 1000 miles per hour or the speed of thought, unchained, free, as in freedom to express the best of who you are.

Building great things together:

Yes together. To be a visionary type of person, un visionnaire, is one thing, it still takes a lot of excellent dedicated people to make things happen, to transform thought into reality, to create reality, something new that never existed before except in the idea, the ideal, the imagination, simple, complicated or comprehensive, dynamic, relevant, and yes, practical, however you need to know what is unrealistic for one or several, can be totally realistic for another, so, get ready to be launched into the stratosphere of imagination, creation and excellence.

Let us transform our world and everyday life:

Transform, invent and re-invent the future. Let us redevelop and rebuild the national dream. Let us define and refine that opinion, let us influence, encourage, inspire and yes energize people to action, towards a more pro-active higher quality of life. So each person, as valuable members of society can express the best of who they are. We have challenges, we also have opportunities. We may have problems and they are temporary. We aim high, we focus, we recalibrate where we need to, to home in on our target, our goal, our mission, our purpose, our destiny, individually and together, in dedicated groups or as a nation.

Imagine the possibilities:

Yes, lot’s to imagine. We are inviting people to engage in writing more about general and specific industry, enterprise – challenges and rewards, new opportunities, new awareness ideals and co-operative ventures, we can talk and write about beer, wine, cider, gardening, adventure and outdoors, national and civil defence, private property rights, gun rights, health sovereignty, nation state sovereignty, immigration, migration, invasion, race replacement problems, high real estate, carbon tax, Made in Canada and all the awesome things going on, increased awareness and understanding of what is going. on, how it effects us, our society and everything else, and yes what we really know about politics and political parties and really let it rip. Even awesome things like real history and stoicism are all excellent in everyday imaginable, family values, true values, and more things to know, as it really is a need to know.

We can have Canada’s Mystery Billionaire, the real contractor in disguise and the everyday citizen, opinion like 24 hours a day is where the action is. We can have the Kick Ass Canadian blog also, a place people can rant, say what they mean and mean what they say. That’s what I am talking about, you can too, all by exercising your powerful freedom of choice. Entrepreneurs and the working citizen, are all essential, it is time to expand our horizons, in a hot air balloon, epic mountain adventure or solitary blog and article, opinion, that can transform the world and our world everyday into the future that we create.

You can find out about all kinds of exciting news and developments, and you can also write the news, make the headlines, not like mainstream fakestream endless propaganda, lies, deceptions that is the official narrative by enemies foreign and domestic dedicated to total opposition of nation state sovereignty, and engaged in the war against the family and the leading edge in cultural genocide. We can do much better than that and we will, we already have started and you can be a part of that, a part of the solution and go beyond fixing problems, beyond complaining about things, and actually doing something about it, now, today, everyday. Make it a great day! 

The everyday quest can include faith, family, freedom and free enterprise, which is a good solid foundation to build on, would you agree? We also can highlight and create awareness of other writers and blogs and websites of various types, which can be integrated into anything anyhow…awareness, understanding, perspective, perception, ideals, wisdom, brilliant genius and inspired revelation, we can have all that and more, all by freedom of choice.

So, get into the arena, no longer a spectator, do more, achieve more, excel beyond your present limit of who you are what you think you can or can’t do, express effort not excuses, pure energy and enthusiasm, imagine what you could do, imagine if anything was possible, imagine how you could re-invent your life, I imagine, that I am here to help you express the best of who you are.

Right now, we have a lot of urgent business to do, national security and nation state sovereignty as well as individual freedom and health sovereignty is at risk now, in Canada, America, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, the UK and other places on this brilliant jewel of a planet. However, we have a plan, brilliant genius at work, and as the saying goes, let your light shine, and now is that time, for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

In fact, we need real thoughtful, intelligent patriotism, with time tested principals built on the superior moral code of God, that made us successful and prosperous, let us go forward with unity and purpose, a new dynamism, audacity, bravery and courage, and yes, moral courage, to stand tall and be strong, stand on guard for Canada, and for those in other countries, the same things apply to you.

It would really make my day, to see that look in your eyes, when you imagine the world that is yours everyday with decisions that can transform your life and this country, your town, your family, your friends, your every endeavour and a more dynamic pro-active life that is waiting and reserved for the true you.

I wrote this for you, with heart and soul, Michael Comeau

There really is a first time for everything…

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