Biodiesel – What’s the deal?

Goodbye fossil fuels, hello biodiesel!

Although there is a lot of hype against fossil fuels, being shunned and removed from investment portfolios with suicidal thoughtless and impractical schemes, very little is said about biodiesel. You need to know that biodiesel has excellent characteristics for engine fuel, in addition to not having the typical pollutants associated with fossil fuels, and can in fact meet and exceed the lower emission requirements, and offer useful practical solutions.


In the war of de-industrialization and the holier than thou virtue signalling, the mainstream narrative is somewhat problematic and short sighted, in fact lacking in pro-active solution oriented vision, which totally fails with the best efforts of imbeciles ignorant and not interested whatsoever of the advances of fuels, Advanced Fuel System Technology found at : and even pollution control technology, or the visionary Fuel Systems Research & Development
Optimization Program, and that disinterest, ignorance or censoring of relevant options,  of what is already done, proven and available at a really affordable cost for acquisition and install, is a challenge for all the sustainable crowd that is impossible to reconcile with the real world of people that need mobility for any reason.

High Energy Clean Fuel

The capacity for bio-diesel production is somewhat limited, yet the logistics exist and can be further customized in a more local and regional capacity. Biodiesel has built in lubrication fuel characteristics and has high energy content, let’s call this BTU/gallon for British Thermal Units. Additionally, there is no coloured fuel with that and it can be utilized in any ratio with regular diesel fuel. The inherent lubrication works excellent for older engine fuel pumps that require that, as they have been deprived of  essential lubrication in low sulphur fuels in the last 30 years or so.

Machinery & Vehicle Operations with biodiesel

As for winter driving, anti-gel is also useful as typical diesel fuel operations in cold climates, even if vehicles are equipped with insulated fuel lines, water extraction and fuel filters, in accordance with wind chill factors and actual cold in non moving air. Clean Fuel is not loaded with all kinds of additives, and high energy fuel burns much better, as some people know the typical trucking and coach bus line industry fuel is considerably more in terms of energy, BTU/gallon than regular public fuel station pump fuel for commoners and everyday peasants, just kidding.

Pro-active biodiesel research & relevant options

Surprisingly, nobody in government or industry is talking about the problems associated with processing or formulating specific fuel blends, the use of additives, detergents or other things, even in the case of gasoline, the various ingredients that attempt to defeat high mileage fuel systems, low energy fuel, anti vaporization technology and the like. We could actually have a lot better diesel fuel industry, which would save in fuel and greatly reduced emissions.


Meanwhile more experimental and advanced research is going ahead in the biodiesel industry for high energy clean burning fuel, which also can be utilized to pass emission tests to a considerable degree, without triggering all kinds of lights, alarms and sensors or printout/readings of unacceptable pollutants and the corresponding costs for mechanical or other work to remediate or rectify the situation into compliance.


Contrasting Opinions, Legislation and Real World Innovation

What is not so evident, at least on the surface, is that many companies are going out of the fuel engine business entirely, some companies are not even making Diesel engines any more especially for road vehicle transport and going into electric only, without continuing with additional investment into biodiesel capacity, or even other fuel and engine types, a total rejection and suppression of individual creative imagination and a massive technological knowledge base of really awesome inventions, typically censored, destroyed or otherwise out of public view and knowledge or access. This direction is tragic and beyond stupid, which some will suffer from with considerable peril.


New developments and opportunities in biodiesel technology and production

For those interested in some relevant options for review and consideration, please see: for private co-operative association to learn and produce biodiesel, contribute to biodiesel production equipment and technology, acquire test fuel, invest and acquire, receive fuel dividends, and even acquire a production share, which ia typically a days worth of production per machine, or can be a fraction of that for those who do not burn as much. Fuel can be saved and acquired at anytime with delivery by tank or barrel.

Also, there are options in both the private and public securities market, asset protection and financial privacy with all the complexities and demands of typical operational jurisdiction and anti free enterprise environments.

It is possible to invest or acquire a production share even if you do not use biodiesel, as there are several types of compensation and benefits available. All funds are in trust and it is not a retail enterprise, however, considerable savings can be had and more value for the money spent. Also, biodiesel can be used as furnace oil for those burning oil in a house or shop, so that is also an added benefit and can also be stockpiled and has no carbon tax as it is not a fossil fuel. Hurray!

The Choice is yours – a future with biodiesel

Ah, more brilliant genius at work, problems are temporary however it takes decisive action on relevant options that are practical and beneficial, so this is a lot of good news, as it is only a matter of time before legislation comes in effect concerning emissions and enforced vehicle compliance is essential to stay in business or mobile or the vehicle is not licensed to be on the road. I don’t want to say I told you so, and now, we did not bribe the government to do that in the future. So leave nothing to chance. DO or DIE, not DEI.


If you have any ideas or requests or would like to get involved, acquire fuel, learn how to make fuel, get equipped or benefit from something custom built for everyday and the future and if you like independence, savings and clear or clean conscience, visit and get started making a choice point in your timeline of the new and improved, decisive, action oriented and brilliant, You!


Make it an awesome day, one with for C A N A D A also known as C eh N eh D eh


Michael Comeau – the CEO of everything awesome



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