The intrigue of the 200 mpg Super Carburetor continues

Yes the technological marvel of the legendary Super Carburetor does exist. Official records have existed as early as 1922, with Canadian inventor Charles Nelson Pogue. Amazingly, experimental and advanced applied research and development has continued into the modern age, with Super Carburetor Inc. whose secret world is a long time passion of Canada’s Mystery Billionaire, the visionary technological genius behind some of Canada’s most bold, innovative and high performance design elements of various advanced projects.

De facto technology – the super carburetor

The legendary 200 mpg claim is based on fact, multiple inventors and multiple fuel systems and yes, super carburetors, in the last 100 years. Technological secrecy and suppression in addition to censored news has caused a considerable shortage of overwhelming everyday “experiential validation” by the everyday common person, yet, many stories in addition to the real world inventive genius of lone wolf technocrats whose inventive prodigy continues in secret, knowing full well the reality of problems, and problematic challenges of having developed something beyond every day common performance capabilities of carburetors and typical fuel systems, even fuel injected fuel systems.

Principles of super carburetors

The principles are essential a highly explosive fuel air mixture, however, many people do not realize that fundamental performance characteristics can be realized with fuel weight and fuel volume, typically a 14.7:1 air/fuel ratio. The big difference is in the surface area of the liquid fuel, which increases in volume by magnitude, and explosive power. Many super Carburetors may have micro fine fuel particles, that mix much quicker with air and explode with considerably more power and fuel efficiency at a much faster rate.

The super explosive extreme performance fuel systems often utilize greater amounts of vapour, this also exists with another company, Vapour Induction Fuel Systems Inc. by….Canada’s Mystery Billionaire, once again, obviously someone who likes fuel systems, since he was a teen working on his own vehicles and going way beyond conventional fuel system technology. and knowing about the risks and problematic challenges that inventors face, In particular so called disruptive technology that challenges and makes obsolete the status quo. Amazing.

Performance Capabilities

Achieving the legendary 200 mpg evidently has not been a challenge and many fuel systems including Super Carburetor Inc. and Vapour Induction Fuel Systems Inc. and others around the world have exceeded 200 mpg as many records and world records exist, in addition to the secret world of those who for whatever mysterious reason prefer little or no publicity and keep such technology for integration in  the visionary new engine and vehicle production underway in Canada and the extreme market advantage of OEM (original equipment manufacturer), without any necessity to retrofit existing vehicles, and from a strategic point of view, something more exclusive that renders existing non-cooperation or other legislation, agenda or other trickery at work, obsolete and irrelevant.

More insights on fuel efficiency

What is interesting in consideration of fuel efficiency is that performance has not really been increased much due to EFI, electronic fuel injection, and instead, the wight reduction of vehicles. Problems and alternative that exist that have restricted performance and efficiency of fuel systems is actually in the fuel quality, whether or not a high energy fuel or something more watered down and de-energized. Some processes in fuel production and additive in fuel limit the ability of fuel to be vaporized, to deter the use and success of super carburetors or something like a vapour system. Additionally, computerized fuel systems, oxygen sensors, fuel drop size, engine piston stroke and rpm all effect fuel efficiency. Also ignition system and spark plugs also effect the performance, as many people know.

Advantages with the amazing Super Carburetor

Some people like the simple mechanical high performance design elements of the amazing super carburetor. Zero electronics, which is even better ideally for the purist than electronic feedback carburetors. simple precision components with ultra reliable control linkage and adjustment are awesome for those who have an affinity and talent for fuel systems, and especially for those who do not like or want electronics or computers or anything too complicate. Cheaper, more awesome performance and reliability is the everyday requirement and the ability to put fun back in to driving and engines, not someone else with operating constraints super imposed on the citizen driver.

The future of fuel systems

Fuel systems offer considerable limited and mass production customization into various vehicle and engine combinations dedicated to specific or general operational requirements or mission tasking. Going a step further is another incredible and awesome option, Super Atomized Fuel Systems Inc., that has the mass customization ability which can be operated in both mechanical fuel systems and computerized fuel injection systems.

Super Atomized Fuel Systems Inc. is another bold adventure from Canada’s Mystery Billionaire. What may you ask, is with all the fuel systems, eh? Good question, right? New vehicles, aircraft and boats and machinery under development utilizing and integrating an incredible range of high performance engines and fuel systems for various applications, generating strategic, tactical and operational advantage including high performance, extreme fuel efficiency, reduced pollution and reduced fuel requirements.

The future of transportation

The awesome world of engine and fuel system technology offers plenty of promise for salvation from the anti fossil fuel crowd of industrial genocide control freak so called global warming alarmists. Of course, you may consider making a special order, getting involved, investing or making a contribution in fuel systems directly or the engines that utilize them or the vehicles that have integrated those specific combinations into OEM characteristics that make everything else rendered as a gas guzzler and obsolete in every sense of the word.

It appears that having a Battlegroup-301 Incorporated membership Canada’s pre-eminent Advanced Fuel Systems Development Program, may put you on the fast track, for various fuel systems, the Optimization Program or vehicles that have those systems or can be retrofitted with them. Apparently freedom loving guys with trucks, trades, industry, trucking, farm and other intelligent patriotic people with a more nationalist made in Canada purpose are the most favoured, and especially good for those who do not agree with, suffer from or despise the carbon tax.

What is interesting is all the vehicles, engines and fuel systems under integrated co-development right now that few people know about that will take the world by storm. Imagine being part of the Storm, you will not go quietly into the night, you will not lay down and die, you will not be enslaved with a ball and chain, you will be free, as in freedom of mobility, as far and as fast as you want to go, real freedom.

The mystery continues, with intrigue to spare

One could easily suspect or imagine that some degree of the patriotic side of National Defence is involved, and obviously has no concern or requirement with public intel, reports and information disclosure that would normally be required which would otherwise put at risk national security type projects which would never see the light of day from a government that is less that nationalist or ultra nationalist, and certainly not for one that is catering or subject to enemies foreign and domestic.

Of course, that perspective  could be pure speculation and no evidence exists, unlike the typical so called conspiracy theory where plenty of evidence exists, so it would actually explain a lot, in terms of national security black ops or advanced projects that need financing somehow notwithstanding the character of any Minister of Defence or government party that would do nothing in terms of Made in Canada, or secure supply chain development, or advanced vehicle and weapons platforms, or even an industrial strategy for enhanced survivability of enterprise, citizens and industry.

As for government and National Defence, In addition to the actual military, notwithstanding the so called vaccine genocide bio-weapon enforced on Canadian Armed Forces Personnel by enemies foreign and domestic, certainly nothing in terms of technology or ideas, especially by a straight white nationalist male that could solve most of the worlds problems with something  realistic and practical, would ever be approved or promoted, acquired or deployed.

Lucky for some of us who are old fashioned, we can leave everyone else behind in the dust, and we just won’t care, since everyone has had time to do something and chose to do nothing, there will be a time where you just can’t get it or qualify for it in any way, so being pro-active may be a good idea for some people in some areas of the timeline of relevant choice points all empowered by freedom of choice and if you are lucky enough to do some time travel,  make the best of it.


Shoot the gas!  Let it rip!

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