Comeau Aerospace Inc. – epic frontier of SSTO – single stage to orbit

It started as a dream, from an idea of fantastic possibilities – reaching space

Everything about Comeau Aerospace Inc. is about intense, bold, creative imagination on fire. The sheer magnitude of vision of technological endeavour goes beyond anything else on the planet. Certainly, a visionary project of epic proportions with no limits on aerospace engineering genius. There does not seem to be any limits, certainly speed limits and load capacity for various mission tasking endeavours that redefines audacity of brilliant technical intrigue, especially with the CAI-825-MC – SSTO single stage to orbit space plane

Going from Earth to Space in a single bound…

CAI-825-MC – SSTO single stage to orbit space plane, referred to as the X-303 has some rather interesting propulsion technology integrated into an extremely advanced and futuristic spacecraft with design elements that are of course classified and only offering some specs with the math and geometry to transform the epic frontier of SSTO – single stage to orbit transportation with pure genius.

Engines and propulsion technology

The genius involved integrating 3 engine propulsion systems, turbo fans for taxi for pre-launch and after landing, Orenda Engines Limited TJ-75 air breathing engines for launch and higher altitudes, that requires fuel only and utilizes atmospheric air and the Orenda-ACN-L-500 Linear Aerospike engines for space, which requires fuel and oxygen. This combination optimizes efficiency and propulsion power at all altitudes, speeds and load conditions. Orenda Engines Limited is more known for the Orenda Iroquois engine for the Avro Arrow, which is being re-incarnated or resurrected and re-developed, like the national dream, notwithstanding anything.

Comeau Aerospace Inc. and the Ultimate Flying Machine Adventure

In consideration of the magnitude of visionary projects found at it appears that every aircraft and spacecraft not only redefines performance and design elements, the establishment of new mission tasking capabilities, the integration of both conventional and advanced aircraft and aerospace technology and includes leading edge or futuristic and evidently highly classified design, materials and propulsion system. It is easy to see how such a combination can lead to or generate the epic frontier of the SSTO single stage to orbit space flight capabilities and the awesome universe of possibilities that may be created and exist as ours to explore.


The Future is Now

In the world of choice points on a time line, we are each confronted with making decisions, hopefully based on relevant options, some of the options can be created, like circumstance and environment, our everyday choices, empowering choices, choices that align our actions with our values, choices that create the future we envision, the future is now. These are some of the things we may notice and learn in any endeavour or enterprise, and certainly the magnitude of visionary genius of Canada’s Mystery Billionaire is something we can all look up to, our eyes in the sky and a heart full of dreams. It makes me want to stop writing and start building something awesome, spaceplanes, aircraft, awesome propulsion systems, and the quest remains, to live the greatest adventure of all time, to build and fly the Ultimate Flying Machine.

Heart & Soul

Enterprise of any type takes heart and soul, the capacity to invent your way, tenacity and resourcefulness, perseverance, boldness and audacity, co-operation and trust and the single minded resolution to succeed and transform thought into reality. If one man can envision all that, and create industrial enterprise and a continuum of companies, is it possible that all he needs is some enthusiasm and encouragement, co-operation and loyalty, fuel for the fire, investment of time and resources, energy and optimistic outlook from others with heart and soul. Is there anyone like that, visionary genius and devoted ultra nationalist who cares incredibly for Canada and the future we can build, the future where we can build great things together, imagine that.

What are we going to do now? Re-invent Canada? Made in Canada, Peace, Order and Good Government Eh? Yes that’s how we build space planes…that’s what I’m talking about!

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