The Intrigue of the Pandora Crystal Ball

Notes on the Pandora Crystal Ball

The explorations and revelations of the Pandora Crystal Ball represent possible futures of which multiple choice points on multiple timelines have an incredible range of possibility wave and probability curves, which may in fact be effected or influenced by the viewer.

However the viewer, or the individual looking into the Pandora Crystal Ball or an individual competent and experienced, such as a visionnaire or visionary can acquire information or intel in simultaneous past, present and future scenarios, events and even parallel worlds, in addition to the vast influential elements in multi-dimensional space time.

Perspective and unknown variables

Furthermore, there are unknown variables, which exist, are enabled, augmented and amplified, many from freedom of choice, and the related choice points on the time line. Unknown variables can be people, places, things, events, divine revelation, inspiration, individual creative imagination, critical mass, the unknown becoming known, destiny of one or several people including the nation and divine super natural intervention, including acts of God, cataclysms, the sudden re-appearance of dinosaurs, extra-terrestrials, UFOs – from this world and others, various entities and species on earth.

The Nature of Reality and real war in Canada

The nature of reality and more endless dynamics and surprises that may contribute to those unknown variables and also what we acknowledge as possible and those we don’t, they nevertheless exist, like a notwithstanding clause, that has claws de facto, like people with a conscience, exercising moral courage, unity of purpose, a resolution to succeed, the do or die, join or die ultimatum and the survival instinct, whatever may be left of it after the open assault of anti white cultural genocide, moral destruction and insufficient character, co-operation, purpose and resources to rectify or fight back, against those elements at war against us, include race wars, religious wars, cultural wars, economic, industrial and currency wars, anti family wars and wars against freedom and truth such as those by fakestream mainstream media and endless propaganda, lies, deception and public option PR editorial pieces to distort and deceive in deceptive tactics over time, emphasized over and over again, the official narrative.

What to do about knowing and doing

If we look at the idea of, “What will you do to make a difference” or “Express the best of who you are” or the magic and power the acceptance of personal responsibility or the decision to go forward in faith, confidence and trust, or that we must deal and answer to our heart and conscience (for those that have one) to align actions with values, or that in fact we must draw the line, and not be subject to any more abuse, threats, intimidation, terrorism, cruel and unusual treatment, disloyalty, or on a greater scale, the treason, high treason, genocide, bio-terrorism directed to people, in Canada, the founding people, with the enforced so called vaccine bio-weapons bio-terrorism and related destruction of our economy, industry and enterprise and even ethno-centric world that has been subject to genocide and endless attacks, both in anti family and anti nation state policies, with the related allegiance to foreign criminal entities.


Enough is Enough

Yes that’s right, it applies to an individual and group of people that can be unified with purpose, pro-active, do something about it, energy and effort, not excuses, you can make all the difference, “What will you do to make a difference?”


Stay tuned, there is a lot more that will crystallize your thoughts on things that matter the most…and new revelations from the equally unknown variable Panacea Crystal Ball, something even more remarkable and awesome…

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