The Truth about Google’s Role in the Global Cabal

Google, the world’s most widely used search engine, has been at the center of controversy regarding its alleged involvement in a global cabal. The cabal, also known as the Deep State, is a group of influential individuals who wield immense power and influence over governments worldwide. According to various sources, including an interview, Google is a crucial power base for the Deep State.

Electronic Surveillance and Social Engineering

The cabal’s control over society relies on two main pillars: electronic surveillance and social engineering. Both of these require vast amounts of data on individuals, as well as artificial intelligence to analyze and predict behaviors. Google, as the largest controller of data worldwide, is also the owner of the most advanced AI company globally. As a result, it is a crucial player in the cabal’s control over the population.

Google’s Search Engine Monopoly

Google’s search engine is the primary means through which people access information on the internet. It is estimated that Google controls between 93 and 95 percent of what people see online. As a result, they hold the keys to humanity’s knowledge, which is stored on the internet. However, if Google doesn’t like what someone says, they can bury that person’s content deep within their search engine, effectively silencing them.

Censorship and Attack on Free Speech

Censorship is a contentious issue on Google’s platform, and it has come under fire for suppressing content that it deems inappropriate or offensive. Even legitimate sources of information have been targeted, including reputable news outlets and independent bloggers. In 2018, Google discontinued the content of the author of the article, and his work was buried deep within the search results. This incident is not unique and has happened to many individuals and entities that oppose the cabal’s narrative.

The Dangers of Monopolistic Control

Google’s monopoly over the search engine market has far-reaching consequences for society. By controlling what people see and don’t see, Google has immense power to shape public opinion and manipulate the masses. It’s important to note that the company has a duty to protect free speech and ensure that all voices are heard, regardless of their views.

In conclusion, Google’s role in the global cabal is a contentious issue that requires further investigation. As the largest controller of data and owner of the most advanced AI company worldwide, Google has immense power to manipulate and shape public opinion. Its monopoly over the search engine market is a significant concern, as it enables the company to control what people see and don’t see online. It’s crucial to promote a free and open internet where all voices are heard, and the truth can prevail.

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