In a recent interview with The HighWire’s Del Bigtree, Dutch MP Rob Roos sounded the alarm about the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) agenda to assert authority over carbon dioxide (CO2), potentially leading to control over individuals.

The WEF’s Bold Plan

Roos, a current independent Member of the European Parliament (MEP), expressed his apprehensions amidst the backdrop of widespread farmer protests across Europe. He shed light on what he perceives as a climate hoax orchestrated by radical globalist elites under the guise of the WEF’s ambitious “Net Zero” initiative.

Challenging Core Values

Addressing the consequences of this plan, Roos pointed out the negative impacts, and the concept of freedom. He stressed the unequal financial pressure on individuals to the endorsement of electric cars, which he pointed out are nearly twice as expensive as traditional vehicles. Roos argued that this economic stress limits personal movement, thus eroding individual liberty.

Digitalization and Social Control

Expanding on the issue, Roos drew attention to the broader trend of digitalization, framing it within the context of a new form of communism. He argued that initiatives like digital identity and central bank digital currency serve as tools for social control, enabling unprecedented surveillance and manipulation.

CO2 as a Means of Control

Central to Roos’s concerns is the manipulation of CO2 regulation as a means of exerting control over populations. He posited that since virtually eveyr aspect of human activity generates CO2 emissions, regulating CO2 levels equates to regulating people’s lives. By monopolizing control over CO2, globalist entities could wield immense influence over individuals and societies.

The dynamic relationship involving Covid-19

Roos and Bigtree examined the similarities beween the Covid emphasized how it hastened the execution of globalist plans. They pointed out the World Economic Forum’s view of the pandemic as a chance for the “Great Reset,” indicating a purposeful manipulation of the crisis to propel their goals forward.

To sum up, Roos’s caution highlights the pressing requirement to be watchful of any violations on individual liberties that may occur in the name of protecting the environment. The discussion regarding CO2 control serves as a powerful reminder of the careful equilibrium that must be maintained beween taking environmental responsability and ensuring personal freedom.

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