Time Deficit is a Stressor

Personnel deficit is a stressor, The workload is a stressor, Too much to do & not enough time & resources is a stressor, and being Bogged down with little things that are not the main thing is a stressor.
  • Urgent & timely tasks with interference and distraction are stressors
  • Focused proactive mission tasking is not a stressor
  • No reaction no stress
  • Proactive is empowering
Some stressors can be conducive to real measurable progress learning and growth. 
  • Stressors can be a test for strength & resolution to succeed or a test against weakness incompetence faults & flaws, the acceptance of failure, or inadequate states or capabilities.
  • Relax and imagine you have time resources personnel & focus with a sequential or simultaneous applied effort to not only solve problems but going forward create something new.
  • Being dedicated to continuous growth & improvement in personal & professional character & competence is essential.

Luckily I have a plan for all that and more, providence synchronicity and the existence of the unknown variance with the resolution to succeed make all the difference.

Michael Comeau
The shrink nobody knows

I’m going to write a book!

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