Trudeau’s Denial of Forcing COVID Vaccines Called into Question

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing accusations of attempting to revise history after he denied forcing anyone to get the COVID vaccine during a public discussion about democracy with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

However, according to TGP reports, Trudeau was one of the top enforcers of mandatory COVID vaccines globally, and around 50,000 Canadian truckers protested against his mandatory COVID vaccine policy by organizing a massive caravan across the country in protest.

During the discussion, Trudeau condemned misinformation and disinformation, particularly regarding vaccinations, citing potential side effects in medical advancements, including vaccinations. He acknowledged that some people may have gotten sick from vaccinations, but stressed that far more people have died from COVID, adding that individuals have the right to make their own choices and that he distinguishes between someone who chooses not to get vaccinated for personal reasons and someone who deliberately spreads misinformation that endangers others.

Trudeau explained that his responsibility as prime minister was to keep as many Canadians alive as possible, and all of the scientists, medical experts, and researchers worldwide agreed that vaccination was crucial in ending the pandemic. He claimed that while he did not force anyone to get vaccinated, he ensured that all incentives and protections were in place to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated.

In conclusion, despite Trudeau’s claims that he did not force anyone to get vaccinated, reports suggest that he was one of the top enforcers of mandatory COVID vaccines. His remarks about the importance of vaccination and his efforts to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated are in line with the scientific consensus on COVID.

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