Twitter has labelled CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, as “government funded.” This move comes amid allegations by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that his conservative opponents are attacking independent media. Trudeau accused his opponents of “constantly attacking independent media organizations, journalists who are working hard to keep Canadians informed and support our democracy.” However, Trudeau’s claims have been disputed, as CBC receives almost all of its funding from the Canadian government.

Conservative opposition leader Pierre Poilievre tweeted about the Twitter move on CBC, claiming that “now people know that it is Trudeau propaganda.” This tweet came in response to CBC’s complaint that it is not wholly funded by the Canadian government, as Twitter labelled the broadcaster “government funded.” In a bid to counter this label, CBC argued that it is “less than 70% government funded.” However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took a humorous swipe at CBC by updating the label on the broadcaster’s Twitter account.

As a result of the Twitter labelling, CBC announced that it would be pausing its Twitter activity. This move has sparked debate about the role of independent media in a democratic society. While some argue that CBC’s close ties to the Canadian government undermine its independence, others maintain that CBC plays a vital role in informing Canadians about important issues.


In a democratic society, independent media plays a vital role in holding those in power accountable. The media’s primary function is to inform the public about important issues and to provide a platform for diverse voices and opinions. This ensures that citizens are well-informed, and can make informed decisions about who to vote for, what policies to support, and how to engage in public discourse.

However, in recent years, the media landscape has become increasingly polarized. Many news outlets have become partisan, with some aligning themselves with political parties or interest groups. This has led to concerns about the media’s ability to remain objective and independent.

In Canada, the debate about the role of independent media has been particularly contentious. CBC, as a public broadcaster, has been accused of bias by both the left and the right. Those on the left argue that CBC is not sufficiently critical of the government, while those on the right claim that CBC is too closely aligned with the ruling party.

Despite these criticisms, CBC remains an important institution in Canadian society. Its mandate to inform, enlighten and entertain Canadians has been a cornerstone of Canadian democracy for over 80 years. While the debate about CBC’s independence will no doubt continue, it is clear that independent media has an important role to play in any democracy.

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