US Spies Allegedly Involved in Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview Controversy

Did US intelligence services team up with The New York Times to throw a wrench into Tucker Carlson’s plans to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin? According to the seasoned journalist, that seems to be the case.

Unveiling the Allegations

In a recent conversation with Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck, Carlson disclosed his suspicions that he was under surveillance before his rendezvous with Putin earlier this month. This isn’t the first time Carlson has found himself in the crosshairs of government scrutiny. He recounted a previous instance where US authorities caught wind of his efforts to secure an interview with Putin and promptly leaked the information to the press. But Carlson, being the savvy communicator he is, has since honed his methods of operating beyond the prying eyes of state actors.

The Intrigue Unfolds

Securing the interview with Putin came with stringent conditions – confidentiality being paramount. Yet, somehow, The New York Times got wind of it. Carlson was taken aback when reporters from the renowned publication reached out, inquiring about the timing of his Putin rendezvous. “There’s no way they could have known that,” he asserted, emphasizing that he hadn’t breathed a word to anyone, not even his closest confidants. It seemed all too convenient, leading Carlson to conclude that his plans had been deliberately leaked to scuttle the interview.

Echoes of Past Claims

This isn’t the first time Carlson has pointed fingers at the US government for clandestine interference in his journalistic pursuits. Back in 2021, he received intel suggesting that his private communications related to the interview arrangements had been compromised. Carlson’s finger pointed squarely at the National Security Agency (NSA), speculating that they had him under surveillance. However, the NSA swiftly rebuffed his claims, asserting that Carlson had never been a target of their intelligence operations.

Connecting the Dots

As the controversy swirls, Axios dropped a bombshell, citing unnamed US officials who corroborated the government’s knowledge of Carlson’s intentions. The source of the leak? Allegedly, US-based intermediaries with ties to the Kremlin, whom Carlson had reached out to, inadvertently or otherwise tipped off the authorities.

In Conclusion

The plot thickens as Carlson finds himself embroiled in yet another cloak-and-dagger saga. With accusations flying and denials abound, one thing remains clear – the battle for journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth rages on, even amidst the shadows of clandestine operations and political intrigue.

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