VAIDS: The Hidden Danger of mRNA Vaccines Exposed

Researchers at Cambridge University in the UK have acknowledged a concerning statistic: one in four vaccinated individuals has developed a chronic immune deficiency response, termed Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

Their study revealed that 25% of those who received the Covid mRNA injections are experiencing an unexpected immune reaction, which the scientists describe as a glitch caused by the vaccine.

Although referred to as a “glitch” by Cambridge scientists and mainstream media, experts have long cautioned about potential impacts on individuals’ immune systems.

The mRNA vaccines sometimes produce unintended proteins instead of the desired Covid ‘spike’, leading to antibody production, as reported by the UK Telegraph. The University of Cambridge’s Medical Research Council found that alterations in the synthetic code occasionally hinder the body’s protein-making mechanism.

These findings, shared with the medicines regulator MHRA a year ago, have prompted efforts to develop updated vaccines using an improved form of mRNA for cancer treatments and other therapeutics.

However, mainstream media outlets seem focused on downplaying the study’s implications. Reports from Science magazine distort the scientists’ findings, suggesting that the unintended proteins might not cause harm.

Yet, a separate Science article in July confirmed a link between COVID-19 shots and VAIDS. It highlighted potential conditions like small fiber neuropathy and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) induced by mRNA injections.

In line with the Cambridge study, these shots generate a harmless but nonsensical protein, triggering an immune system response. Contrary to media portrayals, such immune flare-ups can lead to adverse reactions and immune system impairment.

There have been reports, like that of political commentator Megyn Kelly, who reportedly developed an autoimmune issue following her Covid shot. She attributed her VAIDS diagnosis to the vaccine and regretted her decision, citing unnecessary vaccination due to previous recoveries from COVID.

The call for a comprehensive investigation into these shots has gained global traction. HOwever, despite mounting demands, the vaccines continue to be easily accessible in most Western nations.

Unfortunately, for many worldwide, this awareness comes too late, with some already succumbing or enduring permanent damage due to the experimental mRNA technology.

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