Vaping The Over The Counter Bio-weapon

In the grand saga of self-inflicted ailments, humanity’s flirtation with the over-the-counter bio-weapon, colloquially known as vaping, unfolds as a spectacle of reckless enthusiasm. Behold the modern marvel, a sleek device promising fleeting euphoria packaged in a mist of ambiguous flavors. This aerosolized genie, escaping its nicotine-laden lamp, seduces its audience with the allure of convenience and novelty.

The allure of inhaling an elixir concocted in the clandestine labs of commercial prowess has indeed swept the populace. The subtle charm of a USB-shaped apparatus, emitting plumes of aromatic deceit, entices the unsuspecting masses. Who could resist the siren call of a miniature fog machine promising a momentary reprieve from reality?

A symphony of flavors, from the innocuous fruits to the audacious cheesecake, wafts through the air. Oh, the aromatic wonderland of blueberry dreams and cotton candy fantasies! The olfactory parade disguises the lurking peril within, camouflaging the insidious nature of this habit-forming indulgence.

Yet, while the vapor curls in delicate tendrils, it carries a payload beyond the mere facade of frivolous enjoyment. The aerosolized cocktail, a clandestine concoction of chemicals and compounds, tiptoes into the lungs, seeking asylum in the respiratory system. It weaves its sinister dance, depositing its payload of addictive substances and unpronounceable compounds into the delicate alveoli.

But fear not, for the perils that accompany this modern pastime are mere whispers against the symphony of pleasure. The transient highs and the illusion of sophistication cloak the impending health risks in a shroud of denial. Who dares to entertain the notion that a convenient, pocket-sized indulgence might harbor the potential for self-inflicted harm?

Ah, the folly of human nature! To chase fleeting pleasure while disregarding the whispers of caution. To embrace the beguiling mirage of trendy addiction while turning a blind eye to the warnings emblazoned in microscopic font on the packaging.

So, vape on, intrepid adventurers of the nicotine mist! Revel in the flavors of a modern-day hookah, the embodiment of an over-the-counter bio-weapon, masquerading as a fashionable indulgence. After all, who needs prudence when one can inhale the precarious allure of a manufactured fog?

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5 thoughts on “Vaping The Over The Counter Bio-weapon

  1. Paul Perkins said: The terminology ‘Over The Counter Bio-weapon’ seems overly dramatic and inflammatory when discussing vaping. While vaping does pose health risks and concerns, likening it to a bio-weapon might cause undue fear. It’s crucial to have an informed conversation about the dangers of vaping without using extreme language that could lead to misconceptions.

  2. Isn’t that interesting eh, dramatic and inflammatory hahahaha, yea, you hurt his feelings, you caused stressed, you are so negative, what were you thinking?
    Weird how you cover topics rarely covered anywhere else, weird how vaping and cannabis stores are almost everywhere, and take a look at:

    or how about this report from the health ranger: and if you like controversy :

    what is interesting is: – how is that for a kick ass article eh, yes everyone concerned about your health, addictions are bad, opioids, pharmaceutical drugs with excite toxins, euro toxins, foods with excite & neuro toxins to addict you, no problem there, 5G, come on now, vaccines? now that’s a bio-weapon, fast and slow kill, blame it on anything else but a vaccine, which is a bio-weapon, no question about it…

    interested over 80 % of people vaping are white males, no genocide there, shhh, don’t be an alarmist, brain damage and lung damage is a good thing…actually without being sarcastic, trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings, is a revelation for all those who think they can outsmart global criminal genocide maniac organizations…

    there is a lot more out there, including the list of neurotoxins that cause brain damage and lung damage, who cares right, did you get vaxxed also? or only vexed because someone annoyed you, by not being your guardian angel, not being holier than thou, not trying to be pushy, judgemental or anything, simply health, simply pointing out something you may not know, may need to know, as it is life endangering, it really should have the MSDS, material safety data sheet sticker, too bad another genocidal bio-weapon, and the fact is there may be people who don’t actually have a saviour complex, they may be simply telling you something vital to save your life and not have that grief, sickness and chronic impairment, or even death and the associated grief to family and friends. You see, some people look through the world in terms of peace and war vector scenarios, they identify the enemy, the enemy weapon system, classify it, identify all the PsyOps and related propaganda and marketing with it whether overt, covert, subliminal or otherwise. Battlegroup-301 includes vaping as a bio-weapon, Take a look at :, apparently they have a huge database on that for members, in addition to the massive big picture of what is going on at: – and not to worry, they are not alarmist, simply some of the most brilliant military minds in Canada who analyze war vectors, including all kinds of pollution, toxins, weapon systems, PsyOps too, if anyone knows, they know, and to them it is a matter of life and death, it is a need to know basis, you can be sure they keep tabs on who is engaged in genocide and what bio-weapons are, what you do with the intel is your business, of course, freedom of choice, however, if you have been mind controlled, brain washed or subliminally manipulated or otherwise, that really isn’t freedom of choice is it? If the media has lied to you, if the government has not been honest with you, and in fact engaged in genocide against you, like they do against the Canadian military, as being a bio-terrorist, making laws about mis information, dis information etc aka hate speech, truth is hate speech, mass media collusion with enemies foreign and domestic at war against us, then there is a problem. some people try to quit smoking and switch to e cigarettes & vaping, not being aware that has more than nicotine, menthol and a fancy name, ignorance is bliss, don’t ruin my buzz man, just kidding, most people know smoking is bad, and know nothing about canola oil, margarine, seed oils, etchigh fructose corn syrup, glyphosate either, technically bio-hazards also and bio-weapons also, the one’s causing most of the cardiovascular problems, not cigarettes, which received the blame for the last 45 years, not too mention gmo tobacco with increased nicotine, and lots of court cases and documentation, litigation and settlements about that, right? Articles like : – yikes, I take to heart, it applies to me, naturally, this means no more potato chips, I value my health, knowing that they are bad, even if not how bad is good to know, thanks

    do what you want, some will have a clear conscience based on pro-life wise healthy decisions, and if you can help anyone become more aware (not necessary stupid and ignorant) and offer some encouragement, it’s good, only problem is smooth tactful diplomatic speech is tricky to offer, so be forewarned, the response may be rejection, I imagine a shrink somewhere must have an idea to inform people and encourage them, even though, some people may not want to know or change, they don’t give a rip and back to the old saying, don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up…or something like that, which reminds us that the old natural weed was illegal, and the new GI GMO weed is legal, hmmm put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  3. Right out of the apple barrel, ok, vaping with GI GMO weed eh, here is something dramatic and inflammatory…for your brain… why the big push for GMO” weed with nanotech etc, it is not really medicinal is it, this article is a real eye opener & explains a lot of things going on, and another excellent website for those who value their health.

  4. More related to cannabis aka weed, check this out for the scientist in you. not so evident is the gmo weed, the synthetic chemicals in it and bi-products. certainly memory deficits, procrastination aka laziness, forgetfulness, zero sense of urgency are all problems, in addition to psychosis, anxiety, depression (even after a high) feeling blah or not motivated or energized, all over the place with no focus or purpose, along with the difference between natural normal weed and gmo synthetic lab produced in “clean room” and the related mind wipe technology that seems to work correspondingly with other race extinction protocols such as so called vaccines, which are bio-weapons, by the people that are engaged in genocide.
    an excellent article for those who like science, credentials etc and may be interested to have an open mind to reality even if their feelings have been hurt by someone warning you about brain damage…

    do what you want, to smoke your brains out or not…that is what freedom of choice is for, unless of course you are subject to a PsyOp of cultural genocide and attack on health sovereignty, and suffering from mind control and destruction of your cerebral cortex and critical thinking, analysis and ability to identify the enemy and actually have the willpower left to do something about it…

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