Warnings Have Been Issued by Authorities About the Potentially Harmful Consequences of 5G Radiofrequency Radiation

In an article that was reviewed by other professionals in the field of RF radiation and published in the Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports, nine independent experts in the field of RF radiation issued a warning that 5G radiofrequency (RF) radiation can cause brain damage, which can then lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

They encouraged the government to develop a “more restrictive regulatory framework” on RF radiation and to delay the implementation of 5G technology, including smart meters and 5G cell towers until a committee of “competent experts independent of industry” could assess the hazards involved.

Despite the fact that the first two studies on the effects of 5G on humans and animals have reported serious adverse health effects, government authorities and telecom companies continue to put 5G cell towers and smart meters on and around people’s homes.

The authors of the article are leaders of independent organizations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland that focus on RF radiation. They stated that the first study on the effects of 5G showed that people experienced severe sleep disturbances, dizziness, skin complaints, concentration problems, tinnitus, impaired short-term memory, confusion, fatigue, a tendency towards depression, heart and lung symptoms, and heart palpitations days after a 5G cell tower was installed above their residence.

According to the findings of the second study, rats who were subjected to 5G saw an increased incidence of neuron damage and oxidative stress in the brain. The specialists are concerned that the impacts might, in the long run, result in neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s as well as other neurological conditions. According to scientists, there have been several previous research that has shown that exposure to RF radiation might have negative effects on the brain and nervous system. Henry Lai, Ph.D., compiled the findings of 244 investigations that were conducted between 2007 and 2022 and found that RF radiation has detrimental effects on the nervous system.

According to the authors, in spite of the growing body of scientific information that points to detrimental impacts, authorities “continue to overlook the rising evidence of clear concerns.” In order to provide support for their viewpoint, regulatory authorities rely on a “small set of specialists” that are not representative of the scientific community as a whole and have “links to the telecom firms.” The authors suggest establishing a new committee comprised of qualified scientists who are not affiliated with the business in order to conduct an accurate scientific analysis of 5G.

These experts believe that it is a violation of human rights to “impose this harmful radiation on people in their own homes without their informed consent” in light of the fact that the levels of radiofrequency radiation emitted by 5G networks are significantly higher than those which are already known to be hazardous to human and animal life. The authors issued the 5G Appeal in 2017, requesting that authorities block the implementation of 5G technology until the hazards associated with it are explored by experts who have no links to the industry. The 5G Appeal has received signatures from 430 scientists and medical experts from all across the world as of the 10th of January. According to the authors, despite the potential dangers, both business and politics are moving through with the implementation.

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2 thoughts on “Warnings Have Been Issued by Authorities About the Potentially Harmful Consequences of 5G Radiofrequency Radiation

  1. look up skalar energy, i’ve been shouting about it for years. I belive 5g has made it possible to put the radiation directly at the brain. I believe it was russia and america that discovered it. They both tried to use the radiation they discovered in an Atomic bomb.

    The U.S. claims to have stop the program in the early 60s. Somehow I doubt it stopped. However, the russians have continued to research and found it could agitate certain parts of the brain, and while aggitated to anger but also succeptable to repeated input from radio and tv’s could use it to implant ideas into the subjects brain. Until cell phones they didn’t have a way to get close enough for the tech to work. It was effective, think tea party/maga. 5g was proven to be effect on January 6th. Seriously, look it up. The scientist with the thesis from the early 70s that explains the tech.

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