WEF’s Puppet Show: Pulling Canada’s Climate Strings

Unraveling the WEF’s Climate Charade

In a twist of fate, leaked documents have brought to light an uproarious truth: the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been stealthily orchestrating Canada’s purportedly independent ‘climate change’ endeavors for quite some time.

The WEF’s Grand Charade: Behind the Green Curtain

Hidden amidst the bureaucratic mazes, these leaked papers from Canada’s Environment and Climate Change (ECCC) department depict a comically sinister scenario. They reveal a world where the WEF masquerades as a puppeteer, dictating the script of Canada’s environmental policies frome behind the scenes.

Taxpayer Funds Funneled to WEF: A SCandalous Comedy of Errors

In a plot twist worthy of a slapstick farce, it appears that taxpayer dollars have been surreptitiously funneled into the WEF’s coffers under the guise of governmental cooperation. Former Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna, stands accused of authorizing a whopping sum of $493,937 to the WEF back in August 2019.

WEF’s Machiavellian Maneuvers: A Comedy of Influence

The documents, unearthed in response to probing questions by Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis, lay bare the WEF’s vaudevillian tactics. The ECCC’s financial largesse was purportedly aimed at enabling the WEF to produce a report advocating for the preservation of nature.

Carbon Tax Capers: WEF’s Theatrical Advocacy

Unsurprisingly, the WEF’s report conveniently aligns with its grandiose agenda, favoring the implementation of a carbon tax. It boldly calls for audacious policy shifts, proclaiming that the era of ‘business-as-usual’ must come crashing down like a poorly constructed stage set.

Trudeau’s Tango with the WEF: A Ballet of Bucks

The timeline reads like a script from a melodramatic comedy: mere months after the WEF’s directive, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a substantial hike in Canada’s carbon tax scheme. This move, purportedly aimed at curbing emissions, unfolds like a clumsy pirouette in the WEF’s choreographed ballet of bureaucracy.

WEF’s Tentacles Everywhere: A Farce of Fellowship

Disturbingly, this isn’t a standalone gag. The Trudeau government’s cozy $105.3 million contract with the WEF to develop a Known Traveler Digital ID reads like a punchline in a bad sitcom, highlighting the farcical extent of their partnership.

The Irony of Environmentalism: Puppeteering Masquerading as Progress

In a world where environmentalism is championed as the pinnacle of progress, these revelations serve as a sidesplitting reminder of the absurdity of it all. The very guardians of our planet are, in reality, nothing more than comedic caricatures, dancing to the WEF’s whims with all the finesse of a drunken mime.

Conclusion: Exposing the Farce

As the curtains draw to a close on this comedic debacle, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Canada’s climate agenda is less a noble quest for environmental salvation and more a slapstick comedy of errors orchestrated by the WEF’s puppet masters. It’s time to step out of the theater of absurdity and reclaim our autonomy before the joke’s on us for good.

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