WHO Chief Sounds Alarm: Independent Media Disrupts New World Order Agenda

The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has raised concerns about independent media outlets hindering the progress of the New World Order (NWO) agenda by disseminating what he refers to as excessive truth. ADmitting the challenges faced in achieving the elites’ vision of global “security and and equity,” Tedros pointed to the impact of “fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories” propagated by independent media as an obstacle.

Tedros Challenges Independent Media’s Narrative

In a recent statement, Tedros emphasized the difficulty of realizing the elites’ goals, attributing the obstacles to the proliferation of information by independent media outlets. He dismissed claims that the WHO aims to seize sovereignty through measures like imposing lockdowns or vaccine mandates as “fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories.” Tedros adamantly asserted that the WHO’s recent agreement does not grant the organization any such powers.

Advocating for the World Health Organization’s Mission and Appeal for Assistance.

Expressing concern over the potential sabotage of the WHO’s historic agreement by those spreading what he deems as misinformation, Tedros called on support from member nations. He emphasized the need to counter the alleged lies hindering the WHO’s agenda for global health.

Statements from Media Figures Not Affiliated with any Company

In reply to Tedros’ remarks, Alex Jones, the creator of Infowars and a notable opponent of globalist plans, contended that all information conveyed by the UN throughout their COVID-related efforts was false. Jones leveled accusations against the WHO, suggesting that they should face trials similar to those at Nuremberg for purported crimes against humanity. He also alleged that the organization is exaggerating the emergence of a new virus in order to cause fear and advocate for a fresh UN treaty regarding pandemics.

Former US President Donald Trump also chimed in on the criticism, branding the WHO as a fraudulent organization that is largely funded by the US but manipulated by China.

The Continuous Battle Against Globalist Agendas.

The escalating tensions between independent media outlets and international institutions have led to a heightened battle of narratives. The back-and-forth accusations and counter-accusations demonstrate the increasing skepticism and mistrust towards global organizations and their alleged agendas. In this environment, the quest for transparency in information and the pursuit of truth are more crucial than ever in order to navigate the intricacies of global health policies and initiatives.

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One thought on “WHO Chief Sounds Alarm: Independent Media Disrupts New World Order Agenda

  1. GREAT article eh! where ti start, hmmm. “fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories” = true real news, truth aka unofficial narrative, hahahaha, conspiracy ad pre-meditated genocide, homicide, total fraud, total war etc.

    from Tedros, with the previous pre-qualification degree in genocide, amazing credentials for all those who like credentials, the joke is on you! How is doing your own research working for you now? Eh?
    “WHO’s historic agreement’ = global treason and anti nation state agenda of super imposed illegal and unconstitutional un elected non democratic non real government USURPERS, aka genocide maniac bio-terrorists, anti nation state collaborateurs. President Trump would probably say, “Fuck You” that’s a good one, never thought of that…”Fuck You Eh” that would be more appropriate, probably. Big cheers to Alex Jones, we have status as racists and white supremacist for watching your show, imagine that, how cool is that, much better than the treason traitor badge of honour, like you need to have the Order of Canada given to you, for all your awesome work, although many of us feel your pain knowing about all the stupid people that have no awareness of what the el is going on, right.? After all, it’s not a new virus, it is the evidence or results from being a dumb ass getting the death by lethal injection by the so called “vaccine” bio-weapon. Agreed we can’t save everyone, with or without the saviour complex, some will be spared, a remnant, I guess, hmmm As for President Trump to claim, that WHO is a fraudulent organization, we may imagine that as being too much of the kinder more gentle America, and not politically correct at all, so what’s with the white wash for the anti white genocide machine eh? Huhn? that’s better…as for your the quest for transparency ” that does not include Comeau’s Doctrine or his arsenal of democracy which would truly Make America Great Again and way beyond President Trumps vision, (who is not necessarily forced to pacify as it is useful, the many in the comprehensive PsyOps, which most people will never ever figure out) and most Americans a whole lot more optimistic if they only knew the extent of Canada’s mystery billionaire, of whom it is rumoured has had several meetings with DJT before and after his election as President, interesting eh, hmmm, probably classified for sure, details hiding in the woodwork no doubt…or in the apple barrel space time continuum that may be sometimes unloaded at https://battlegroup-301.ca/Defence_Technology/National_Defence_Challenges.html which clearly state that WHO and other known parties are national security threats, global security threats engaged in bio-terrorism, genocide, war, acts of aggression and other fine traitorous pre-medicated crimes typically found with genocide maniac sociopaths. If anyone knows, they would know, after all, they advise various levels of government, law enforcement and military, in addition to the common civilian…what do you think of them apples, eh?

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