Who Is Canada’s Mystery Billionaire?

In the vast landscape of billionaires and influential figures, one name remains conspicuously unknown to the masses – Canada’s enigmatic billionaire. This ultra-nationalist and intensely private individual possesses a vision that surpasses even the likes of Elon Musk. In this article, we delve into the intriguing persona of this hidden magnate and explore his fervent beliefs, innovative projects, and his relentless pursuit of a better Canada.

The Visionary’s Core Beliefs

Canada’s unknown billionaire stands apart from the crowd for his unwavering commitment to certain core beliefs:

1. Peace, Order, and Good Government (POGG):

  • A staunch advocate of POGG, he champions the principles of peace, order, and good government as the pillars of a thriving society.

2. Independence and Sovereignty:

  • He fervently believes in safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation-state, guarding against any external interference.

3. Debt-Free National Currency:

  • Rejecting the concept of CBDCs, he advocates for a debt-free national currency, emphasizing financial autonomy.

4. Privacy Over Surveillance:

  • In an age of increasing surveillance, he champions privacy rights and vehemently opposes any invasion of personal privacy.

5. Opposition to Destructive Technologies:

  • He despises microwave towers, and arsonists threatening the nation, and is wary of the potential harm hidden behind the guise of geo-engineering and DEW warfare.

6. Truth Over Propaganda:

  • He is a staunch critic of mainstream news outlets, recognizing their dissemination of propaganda and falsehoods.

7. Bio-weapons, Masks, and Mind Control:

  • He questions the safety of vaccines, the efficacy of masks, and the psychological impact of fear-based mind control.

A Nationalist’s Struggle

Canada’s unknown billionaire is not just a recluse with strong convictions. He understands the challenges faced by the country:

1. Economic Dependence:

  • Recognizing that 95% of products in stores are not “Made in Canada,” he is committed to reversing this trend.

2. Education Reform:

  • He acknowledges the corruption within the education system and seeks to revitalize it to produce a capable and patriotic citizenry.

3. Rebuilding the Nation:

  • He is deeply invested in rebuilding iconic Canadian projects like the Avro Arrow and the Orenda Engines Limited Iroquois engine.

4. Capital Vault Incorporated:

  • He founded this organization to promote “Made in Canada” products, private investments, and business services, supporting entrepreneurs and enterprises.

The Advanced Projects Division

One of the most intriguing aspects of Canada’s unknown billionaire is his involvement in groundbreaking projects under the umbrella of the Advanced Projects Division. This division encompasses various enterprises:

1. Fuel System Innovations:

  • Notably, Super Atomized Fuel Systems Inc., Vapour Induction Fuel Systems Inc., Super Carburetor Inc., and Icosahedron Hydrogen Generator Fuel Systems Inc. are all part of this portfolio, promising revolutionary advancements in fuel efficiency and emissions reduction.

2. Resurrecting the Oil Patch:

  • With molecular separation technology, he envisions optimizing the tar sands without excessive pollution, pioneering an economically viable solution.

3. Battlegroup 301 Incorporated:

  • This venture aims to strengthen national, industry, enterprise, and civil defense. It seeks to overcome the barriers to developing vital defense technology in Canada.

Revitalizing Canada’s Infrastructure

Canada’s unknown billionaire is not content to merely observe. He actively participates in programs aimed at rejuvenating Canadian industries:

1. Railway and Locomotives:

  • He supports initiatives to redevelop the railway and locomotive industry, enhancing national and civil defense capabilities.

2. Unveiling the Genocide:

  • With keen intelligence, he is acutely aware of the ongoing challenges within National Defense and law enforcement. Some even suggest he holds a role as an unofficial Minister of Defense.

The Enigmatic Philanthropist

Canada’s unknown billionaire is more than a billionaire; he’s a philanthropist with a heart for the common man. Despite his staggering wealth, he maintains a humble and unassuming lifestyle. He shuns the limelight, opting instead to invest quality time in important endeavors such as “Made in Canada,” national defense, and aerospace.


So, in a world where billionaires are flaunting their rocket ships and electric cars, Canada’s mysterious billionaire remains hidden like the ultimate stealth aircraft. While others are busy monopolizing the news cycles, he’s out there, somewhere, plotting to Make Canada Awesome Again, one DEW-zapping, tar-sands-optimizing, and mind-control-busting endeavor at a time. We may never truly know who he is, but let’s face it, in a world of flashy billionaires, isn’t it refreshing to have one who’s more like a covert superhero? After all, who needs fancy cars when you can have UFOs? Mic drop!

He does not look for publicity and prefers the fortress of solitude, having blocks of time to exercise creative imagination, truly a visionary. He is not into politics, only national defense and Made in Canada, however, he does comment and write interesting articles found at:
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