Who is instigating hate speech laws in Canada?

Unveiling the Puppeteers: Who’s Pulling the Strings on Hate Speech Laws in Canada?

In the Great White North, where maple syrup flows like water and apologies are practically a national pastime, there’s been a stir in the political pot. The issue? Hate speech laws. Now, you might think these laws are straightforward measures to promote harmony and understanding. But oh, my dear reader, if only it were that simple. Let’s peel back the curtain and take a closer look at who’s really behind these laws and what their motivations might be.

The Players in this Political Puppet Show

First up, we have the government. Ah, yes, the elected officials who promise to serve the people but often end up serving their own agendas instead. In Canada, it’s no different. The government loves to tout these hate speech laws as a means of protecting marginalized communities and fostering inclusivity. Admirable, right? Well, hold on to your toques, because things are about to get murkier than a moose in a bog.

Corporate Cronies and Their Hidden Agendas

Next on our list of suspects: big corporations. You see, these behemoths have their fingers in more pies than a hungry hockey player at a bake sale. And why do they care about hate speech laws, you ask? Well, it all comes down to one word: image. You see, in today’s hyper-connected world, a single scandal can send stocks plummeting faster than you can say “Tim Hortons.” By supporting hate speech laws, these corporations can position themselves as champions of social justice while deflecting attention from their own questionable practices. Talk about a double-double standard.

Media Manipulation: Can You Trust What You Read?

Ah, the media. Our trusted source of information, or so they’d have us believe. But behind those glossy headlines and perfectly coiffed anchors lies a tangled web of bias and manipulation. You see, the media loves a good controversy, and nothing stirs the pot quite like hate speech laws. By framing the debate in a certain way, they can shape public opinion and push their own agendas. It’s like watching a game of curling, except instead of stones, they’re hurling propaganda at your unsuspecting noggin.

Foreign Interference: A Not-So-Friendly Neighbor

Last but certainly not least, we have our neighbors to the south. Yes, I’m talking about the good ol’ US of A. Now, you might be wondering what Uncle Sam has to do with hate speech laws in Canada. Well, let me tell you, dear reader, more than you might think. You see, the US has a vested interest in spreading its influence far and wide, like a political game of Whac-A-Mole. By supporting certain policies and politicians north of the border, they can ensure that Canada remains firmly within their sphere of influence. It’s like the Cold War all over again, only this time the battleground is Twitter instead of Berlin.

Conclusion: Cutting Through the Bullhockey

So, who’s really behind the push for hate speech laws in Canada? Is it the government, corporate cronies, the media, or foreign influencers? The truth is, it’s a little bit of all of the above. These puppeteers are pulling the strings behind the scenes, manipulating public opinion and furthering their own agendas. But fear not, dear reader, for knowledge is power. By shining a light on these shadowy figures and questioning their motives, we can begin to reclaim control of the narrative. After all, in a country as diverse and vibrant as Canada, there’s no room for hate. It’s time to stand up, speak out, and say “eh” to injustice.

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3 thoughts on “Who is instigating hate speech laws in Canada?

  1. Yes that is interesting and really an out of control problem. what is weird the government is actually implicating themselves, evidently engaged in hate speech and hate law, in addition to basic treason.

    If you goto: https://battlegroup-301.ca/Civil_Defence/National_Security_Threats.html , the entire article is worth reading, in particular “4. Hate Laws and Hate Speech Laws Invalid and illegal” you will discover exactly what kind of things are hate speech to the government that they don’t want anyone talking about, although they do not define hate speech or exact things as much, since arbitrary rules by pedofiles, enemies foreign and domestic, enemy combatants etc seem to over rule the charter and bill of rights and nobody in government or law enforcement is doing anything about it. Read it and see for your self why battlegroup-301 and Canada’s real ultra nationalist minister of National Defence is beyond National Defence and National Security in terms of identifying those real national security threats including erroneous asymmetrical, arbitrary and proxy war against certain citizens, the straight white christian male & female, the whole family and more engaged in cultural genocide. The government does not want us talking to each other about anything, truth is hate, so time to rectify the definitions.

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