Why Vitamin D Poses a Threat to Big Pharma: Insights from Dr. Pierre Kory

In a recent revelation, Dr. Pierre Kory sheds light on why big pharmaceutical companies seem to oppose the widespread adoption of Vitamin D, suggesting that it fundamentally undermines their lucrative disease-centric model.

Unveiling Big Pharma’s Unease

During a compelling interview with Tucker Carlson, Dr. Pierre Kory articulated a compelling argument: “We should have had a vitamin D supplementation campaign nationwide” throughout the pandemic. His rationale? Such an initiative would have bolstered immune systems and potentially mitigated the severity of the disease’s impact.

Government Failures Exposed

Government health agencies, Dr. Kory asserts, faltered in their duty to safeguard public health. Instead of focusing on measures like lockdowns, ventilators, or pharmaceutical interventions like Remdesivir, a more straightforward approach could have been taken. By elevating the population’s vitamin D levels through either supplementation or increased exposure to sunlight, the spread of COVID-19 could have been better contained.

The Profit Motive Prevails

However, Dr. Kory highlights a stark reality: the profitability of such an approach was lacking. Unlike pharmaceutical interventions, there was no substatial financial gain to be had from promoting Vitamin D as a preventive measure against COVID-19.

Shocking Revelations from Italy

Adding weight to Dr. Kory’s assertions, a recent meta-analysis originating from Italy, detailed in the journal Nutrients, delivers compelling evidence regarding the efficacy of Vitamin D. Analyzing data from 16 distinct studies involving over 1.26 million individuals, the meta-analysis uncovers some staggering findings:

Vitamin D demonstrates approximately a 60% effectiveness in reducing the incidence of COVID-19 in randomized control trials.
Observational studies reveal a 40-50% effectiveness in reducing the occurrence of COVID-19.
Notably, Vitamin D supplementation exhibits a remarkable 70% efficacy in preventing severe COVID-19 cases necessitating intensive care unit (ICU) admission.
A Missed Opportunity

The implication is clear: the extensive societal upheaval and fear-inducing measures, such as prolonged lockdowns and mask mandates, may have been avoidable. A simple solution lay in embracing the sun’s rays and elevating our Vitamin D levels, potentially mitigating the pandemic’s impact significantly.

Embracing a New Narrative

Dr. Pierre Kory’s insights serve as a clarion call for a shift in perspective. As we confront future health crises, the emphasis should be placed on holistic and preventative measures rather than solely relying on pharmaceutical interventions driven by profit motives.

In conclusion, the story of Vitamin D’s potential to challege the status quo of the pharmaceutical industry warrants further exploration and consideration. As we navigate the complexities of public health, embracing evidence-based solutions such as Vitamin D supplementation could prove pivotal in safeguarding our collective well-being.

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