All wars are banker’s wars?

Ah, the timeless wisdom of the internet: “All wars are banker’s wars.” It’s like discovering the ultimate key to understanding the complexities of human history – who needs historians, scholars, or nuance when we have this one-size-fits-all explanation?

So, according to this theory, bankers worldwide sit around in their opulent offices, sipping champagne, and twirling their mustaches, plotting world domination through the art of war. Because, of course, bankers have nothing better to do with their time than orchestrate global chaos for a bit of extra cash.

Picture the scene: A secret lair deep within the vaults of a major financial institution. Bankers, dressed in black suits and top hats, gather around a giant world map with their monocles gleaming. “Gentlemen, I propose we start a war today!” one says with an evil cackle, while another maniacally rubs his hands together, anticipating all the profits they’ll rake in.

But, let’s take a moment to reflect on the sheer absurdity of this notion. Yes, bankers may enjoy making money – shocking, I know. However, the notion that they orchestrate every war in history is like blaming all dental problems on your toothbrush. It conveniently simplifies complex geopolitical, ideological, and historical factors into a single, easily digestible nugget of “wisdom.”

Moreover, it conveniently ignores the fact that wars are incredibly expensive. They don’t just yield profit for a select few; they also cost nations trillions of dollars. So, if these bankers are such financial geniuses, they’d realize it’s more lucrative to promote peace and a stable global economy.

Of course, it’s important to view history with a critical eye and understand the roles of various actors, including financial institutions. But reducing all wars to a grand, global conspiracy by bankers is not just simplistic; it’s the stuff of comedy sketches. If only history were so straightforward, and we could blame everything on a handful of evil financiers in top hats!

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